We all have insecurities, that’s no secret, but all that little stuff we worry about or stress over are actually things that, at times, make us unique. For instance, who would ever think a guy with a enormous nose would become an Academy Award winner? Or that a balding guy would score a drop dead gorgeous supermodel? It’s all about confidence, self love and acceptance and being yourself.

Now, because we love giving you dating tips, we just had to remind you that all of these insecurities you have about yourself shouldn’t be things that hold you back from getting your dream girl. Hell, chances are high that she doesn’t even notice those things that you think are holding you back.

For those guys struggling with how they might appear to the opposite sex, we’re here to remind you of the things that girls don’t actually care about, but guys still do. Trust us, once you accept some of these things, you’ll be happier and more successful in dating.

Thinning hair

We’ve said it before, but we’ll just go ahead and beat this dead horse until you guys really believe it: girls do not give a damn about you going thinner on top of your head. Sure, we all stress about it — which, in hindsight, probably causes it to fall out faster — but girls actually find a shinier dome more attractive, with many saying it shows dominance and confidence. If a girl cares about your soon-to-be baldness, ask yourself this; is she really the one you want to date anyway?

Premature ejaculation

Every single guy worries about premature ejaculation, with many thinking that a girl will leave unimpressed and/or unsatisfied if it happens during sex. Of course, everyone wants to last longer in bed, but it can’t always be the case, nor is it something that can change overnight. While dudes freak out about shooting their load too early, most girls find it either endearing or sexy, knowing they got their man off.

Your salary

Oh, so you make $150,000 a year and drive some sports car? That’s impressive to all those gold diggers out there who want a fictional relationship that’s based off of material things, but, come on, you’re much better than that. Girls want to be with a confident guy who is ambitious, so, whether that means working a couple part-time jobs to make ends meat till your lucky break, or running your own multi-million dollar company, if you’re motivated and treat your girl right, she’ll be happy. All those commas in your bank account don’t matter much.

All those nervous ticks or anxiety you have

We’ve all got certain things we do when we’re nervous or find our minds wandering. While we think those are signs of insecurity or over-thinking — which may be true — no girl is going to refuse to date a guy because of them. Sure, anxiety and depression are real issues that guys need to open up more about, but, even then, if you’re trying to correct yourself by talking to someone, you’re doing things the right way. Those little ticks are just a product of being a human being, so don’t sweat that small stuff.

The size of your dick

Guys everywhere think that they need a massive penis to get a “hot girl.” Wrong. Being well-endowed might be something dudes worry about because they watch porn and see how much the girl loves riding a 10-inch dong, but, in real life, no girl really expects their man to be hung like a clydesdale. Just like heights, there are tall guys, short guys and medium-sized guys, and the way a girl looks at your penis has more to do with how you use it than what it actually looks like.