Tinder opening lines can be some of the most stressed situations ever, as everyone thinks they need to have some witty, funny, charming, out-of-the-box icebreaker to get a girl’s attention. While that may be true to an extent, it’s not as life or death as some guys seem to make it.

Still, we all know that you’ve got one shot at making a good first impression, so understanding how to come up with good Tinder opening lines is an art form that takes practice. Of course, doing the cut and paste thing might be your go-to move, but most girls can read right through that BS.

That’s why we turned to our friends over at Men’s Health for a little bit of help here, as they talked to eight girls to describe the Tinder opening lines that not only got their attention, but they actually replied to. Check these out and, maybe, go ahead and try them for yourself to see if you get the same reaction.

Ask a question

The best way to get a response from a girl you’ve matched with on Tinder? Ask a question. If you didn’t already know this by now, you’ve been doing online dating all wrong, as it’s the simplest way to get a conversation going.

According to one girl, it’s the best way to get her attention.

“I always like when men begin with two questions. Not just any questions — questions specific to my profile. I like when they show they’ve looked past my pictures and are taking an interest in the things I have said. I prefer two questions because if I don’t want to answer one, I have a second option.” – Brooke, 30

Your questions can be about something in her profile or simply what her best part of the weekend was. Anything to break the ice and show you’re somewhat invested.

Focus on her profile and not just her pics

As stated above, girls love Tinder opening lines that focus on their profiles and not just the pics they have. Sure, they may look sexy in a bikini, but bring some substance when you go with an icebreaker that relates to the interested they’ve got listed.

“The most important part, for me, is that a guy opts for my profile over my pictures. Yes, we all put up pictures that make us look attractive, but hopefully you’re looking to actually talk to me, as well. Any attempt at personalization is awesome. Steer clear of the pet names.” – Lauren, 28

Anyone can drop the, “well, aren’t you sexy?” to get the convo going on Tinder. But when you can lead with a, “so, what’s your favorite Ryan Reynolds movie?” after she’s listed the actor as her celeb crush, that’s the better way to go.

Be a little vulnerable

Sure, Tinder is kind of a fun game where you can swipe away without many repercussions, hiding behind the wall of your profile, but if you’re really looking for a relationship, don’t be afraid to let down your guard a little bit. It’s easy to think that every girl’s on there to have a couple convos going and aren’t looking for anything serious, but don’t just assume that.

That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to make yourself a little vulnerable, showing that you can carry a conversation well with your match — even if, at the moment, it’s just through the dating app.

“I respond to guys who are sincerely nice, not meaning ones who refer to themselves as nice. That’s a huge red flag. I like a guy who tells me details about his life and passions right away. Showing you’re not scared to open up about things in your life shows that you’re not a huge tool bag, but someone worth getting to know. Just remember, tell the truth. We always know when you’re lying!” – Gabby, 27

You may or may not ever meet this person in real life, but girls want a man who’s confident and can talk to them, not just gawk over them. Get things started right by doing it with your Tinder opening lines and see where it takes you.

Talk about food

All girls love food. Seriously, it’s like air to them, with every single one jumping at the opportunity to snap a pic of their coffee, eat a slice of pizza or go catch a Taco Tuesday. Use this to your advantage, gents, because girls will almost always respond to Tinder opening lines that involve food of some kind.

“I like keeping it light, but also practical. Ask me something random, like ‘Hawaiian or pepperoni?’ And then buy me pizza.” – Susan, 31

It may seem silly and way too easy, but that’s what some girls want, so don’t over-think how to talk to a girl, no matter how sexy she may appear in her pics or profile.

Don’t be afraid of complimenting her

A little charm never hurt anyone, just make sure you don’t come across as too aggressive or creepy when doing it. No girl wants to her a Tinder opening line that’s all about her appearance, but, even if you love the way her boobs look in her pics, go a little more subtle by complimenting her smile or eyes instead.

“My favorite opening line probably has to be a compliment. Not a sexual one, but one that shows I caught their attention in some way. Yes, it can be about my pictures and appearance, but nothing derogatory or implying that I’m getting naked for you.” – Sally, 32

Girls want to feel attractive — it’s why they chose the pics they did — but make sure your complements are genuine and don’t cross the line. Remember to treat each match with respect, no matter how much you think she’s putting out there for guys to look at.