Think she’s outta your league? OK, you need to get that defeated mindset outta your lexicon, otherwise you have zero chance of making a good first impression, fellas. Sure, many dudes think the hot girl that everyone wants is impossible to snag, but it’s true that some guys just know how to get any girl he wants — and we’re here to tell you that man could be you.

We know it’s difficult looking at a perfect 10 and immediately think she’s destined to be with a model-looking dude who’s tall, handsome and has muscles showing in places you didn’t even know existed. But there’s more to people than just looks, so give yourself (and her) some credit and, before you know it, that girl could be holding hands with you.

Since we really want that for you, here are some tips on how to get any girl you want — and it first starts with believing in yourself a little more, man.

Be confident in yourself

Tell us if you’ve heard this before. Girls love a man who’s confident, isn’t shifting his weight or stumbling over his words, and can look her in the eyes without feeling belittled. You’re a man, she wants you to be in control, no matter how much she says or acts differently. There’s a reason why she’s the sexy girl in the room that keeps getting stares, and it’s because she’s got charisma and looks, so you need to at least equal that energy of hers to have a chance — and it’s confidence in yourself that’s going to make it happen.

Stop putting her on a pedestal

Sure, she’s gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t put her pants on one leg at a time like everyone else. Just as any person does, she has rough days and has insecurities, you may just not see them because you’re blinded by how physically stunning she is. If you think that she’s above anyone else because of her looks, you’re already going to lose the battle in trying to approach her and make a good first impression. You’re already going in defeated.

Treat her like you would any other girl

Going along with the above, this girl you’re looking at is, at the end of the day, a girl! It’s important to recalibrate your mind and remember that sometimes, because so many guys psych themselves out into forgetting that. So, while you shouldn’t just treat her like your sisters, cousins or some other girl in your life, you kind of should at the same time. She wants to be charmed and flirted with, but not aggressively enough that you come on as strong as all the other guys.

Don’t get lost in the chase

We live in a day and age where we all consistently check social media and see people living their “best lives” on luxurious vacations, driving high-priced cars and showing off their (seemingly) perfect surroundings. That’s all an illusion, guys, so avoid falling into that trap of comparing yourself to others. Sure, we’re all guilty of doing it, but knowing how to get any girl is about being happy with yourself and knowing what you can bring to the table to make her join you in that happiness. It’s not all that other material stuff.

Be balanced

Congratulations, sir, you’ve gotten her attention and she seems interested. Before you go all over-the-top and plan your first five dates together in less than a week, play things cool and make sure you’re not giving her too much attention. If you do that, you’ll be looked at as coming on too strong and, possibly, be considered co-dependent. Whether it’s this girl or someone else in the future, be balanced and make sure you’re still doing things you want for yourself, too, because if you’re planning your days around her all the time, it’s going to come across as desperate.