Amanda Cooke might look like every hot Instagram model we typically see in a day, but, oh, don’t be so foolish, because she’s definitely not. At least, that’s the conclusion we came to after going through her Instagram account for the past hour or so, seeing pretty much every single pic and video she’s ever posted.

So, what makes Amanda so different than the rest? Well, first of all, it’s her natural beauty. Look, no disrespect to any other hot Instagram girl out there, but Amanda Cooke has something about her that literally gives off positive energy. We could only imagine how people feel when she walks into a room, because it seems like she just gets everyone in the best mood with that smile of hers.

Rather than continue to boast about her and all that, we’re just going to let you look at some of the hot Instagram pics that Amanda Cooke posts. Scroll down for some of our favorites β€” and you’ll understand why we’ve got a huge crush on this girl.

We don’t know much about Amanda Cooke other than that she’s as sexy as can be, has a YouTube channel that shows off her personality a bit and that she’s always looking pretty anytime she walks into a room. Other than that, well, we’d love to get to know her more, so, you know, Amanda, if you’re reading this, hit us up and we’ll happily take you out sometime.

As if you already can’t tell by her hot Instagram pics and the nice things we’ve said about her, we’re pretty big fans of this Amanda Cooke girl. And, while the holidays might be over, that doesn’t mean you can’t keep receiving nice things β€” and this one just happens to come in a very sexy form every day on social media. That’s why we think you should give Amanda’s Instagram account a follow, because it’s sexy AF and something that will instantly brighten your day up.