OK, guys, you might need to sit down right now, because some of the hot Instagram pics that model Jenna Kaey has been posting will literally floor you — so, for your own health, take a seat before scrolling down. We’re just looking out for your best interest here, fellas.

Many of you have probably heard of Jenna Kaey before, but, it wasn’t until recently that we came back around to liking nearly every single thing she’s ever posted onto her hot Instagram account. While that may seem like we’re exaggerating a bit, we can honestly say we haven’t spent as much time going through a model’s pics as we have on Jenna’s. That’s because the girl is drop dead gorgeous — and has the body and smile to prove it.

Blessed with insane looks, we just couldn’t resists sharing some of Jenna Kaey’s hot Instagram pics with you. Scroll down to see some of our favorites.

To say she’s uncomfortably hot is an understatement, because, damn, could you imagine seeing Jenna Kaey walk into a room and not immediately become distracted? That smile lights up a room, but that body can break necks with how quickly people turn to look at her — and we don’t think a single person would complain about that. It’s almost unfair for all those other pretty girls out there how sexy this brunette is.

While Jenna Kaey does boast an impressive 797,000 followers to her very hot Instagram account, we think she deserves even more. So, if you like sexy things that come in tiny packages, like Jenny, then you might be interested in giving her a follow so you can enjoy all the amazing things she regularly posts. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving with this one, so let’s all take advantage of what she likes sharing with us.