Did Bianca Peters just steal away NFL player Danny Amendola from SI Swimsuit Edition model and former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo? Uh, it sure as if it sounds like it, after reports flooded in that Amendola was getting cozy with Peters, a sports reporter, on a beach somewhere recently.

For you kids out there, if you haven’t been forewarn yet, it’s a dog eat dog world out there, so be careful with who you give your attention to, otherwise you could get burned. And, unfortunately, Olivia Culpo may be the one getting burned here if the reports are true.

While US Magazine suggests that both Peters and Amendola met the night prior to the two hanging out on a beach together, apparently, the two didn’t have sex. Whatever. The fact is people see the pics and believe what they want to think, so that doesn’t really matter.

What does matter is the fact that, while Olivia Culpo is a mega-babe times 1,000,000, Bianca Peters isn’t so bad herself. In fact, with a bunch of hot Instagram pics of her own, we just had to show some of her best ones off to gawk over.

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Uh, yeah, Bianca is quite the smokeshow, too, right?

Currently a traffic anchor and sports reporter at CBS4 Miami, Bianca Peters might not be as well-known as Olivia Culpo is for her looks, but she was a former pageant girl herself, so it’s not as if she’s some random geek off the street cozying up with Amendola. Still, pretty shady move all around by the NFL player and sports reporter, if this is true. Let’s face it, cheating sucks.

We’re not sure whose side to take here, Bianca Peters’ or Olivia Culpo’s, but we do know that they’re both super duper sexy with loads of hot Instagram pics. While we’ll never encourage a dude to cheat on someone — no matter if there’s questions about where a relationship stands or if there’s unhappiness with a girlfriend — it seems like Danny Amendola could end up winning no matter what happens here.

Anyway, since both Bianca and Olivia are total smokeshows, go ahead and do yourself a favor by giving both of them a follow on Instagram. We have a feeling you’re into hot girls doing hot things on the regular, which is exactly what both of those ladies do.