We’ve got to say this without sounding too braggy: The fact that we get to write about hot Instagram models, celebrities and pornstars everyday is something that we love about our job. The fact that we get to talk and meet a bunch of these girls — then stare at their sexy pics — is still something we pinch ourselves over.

Well, today’s hot Instagram model who caught our attention is some gal named Taylor Mega, who’s a blonde bombshell with an absolute pristine body. Trust us, you guys will really find yourselves falling head over heels for this girl, because, really, what’s not to like?

Hailing from Italy — although she admits that many people think she’s Russian — Taylor breaks the mold when it comes to the whole “Italian look,” if you will. That’s to say that she’s not sporting dark hair with thick eyebrows and a dark complexion. And, that might be part of her entire sex appeal, because she’s the exception to the Italian rule.

Anyway, because we haven’t been able to stop staring at her hot Instagram pics and videos for the past 24 hours since we got introduced to her, how about we share some of the things she often posts with you? Yeah, we think you’d enjoy that; hell, we did!

Who wants some scoops? 🍦😋 @mega_swim #TaylorMega

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Tanning 💦💞 @mega_swim #TaylorMega

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Guys, if you’re not drooling like we’re drooling over Taylor Mega at this moment, you might want to check your pulse. That body is friggin’ insane, and, well, damn, how about that booty on her? Yep, it’s one of the finest derrieres that we’ve seen in a long time.

Standing an impressive 6’2″, Taylor sports those long legs that can pull off pretty much any look — but the bikini one is clearly one that she’s mastered. If only more girls looked this bangin’, we have a feeling that the world would be a much better (well, definitely, sexier) place.

To see more hot Instagram pics and vids from Taylor Mega, make sure to check out her Instagram account. No, seriously, go do it. Like, right now!