Every single guy thinks he knows how to flirt, but, the fact of the matter is, it takes real skill (and some timing) to be able to snag a girl’s number or as a one-night stand from somewhere. Sure, in hindsight, flirting is easy: smile, be outgoing, confident and don’t think too hard about what you’re saying. Of course, it’s never that simple, though.

Like we do with other forms of dating tips, we figured that it’s important to understand how to flirt with girls.

It might seem like going up to every single lady at the bar and shooting your shot until you get a “yes” is a good strategy, but you should know better than to do that — remember that whole timing thing we mentioned above? For those men unsure of when to go make the move, these flirting tips are for you.

Don’t think there’s a secret recipe

Before you even approach the topic of how to flirt with a girl at a bar, understand that there’s no one way to do it. Sure, some guys might be more successful than other because they (seemingly) know exactly what to say at the perfect time, or are perceived to be better looking than you, or have more liquid courage, whatever!

Bottom line is this: flirting is fun, but it can suck. It can lead to success, but it’ll also bring lots of failure. Know this, accept it and keep plugging along.

Look for eye contact

When it comes to sure-tell signs that you should go flirt, the No. 1 tip should be eye contact. Think about it, gents, when you’re younger and giving a presentation in grade school, what’s one of the most important things teachers stress to you? Yep, you got it, eye contact. Much like then, when she’s looking your way and can’t stop, it’s time to get your ass over to her and introduce yourself.

If she smiles, GO!

Haven’t gotten the hint that she’s staring at you — or just aren’t sure/confident she’s looking at you? One not-so-subtle hint she’ll give is a smile. There are tons of guys in the bar, but you’re the one she chose to smile at. That’s not something you should just take for granted, buddy, so wear that acknowledgement as a badge of honor and talk to her.

Feel her energy

If she’s sitting in the corner by herself sucking down screwdrivers, chances are high that it’s not a good time to go flirt with her. We’re not saying that that girl is going through it, but the odds are higher that she is, so avoid becoming the therapist who listens to all of her problems.

As we mentioned above, flirting is supposed to be fun, with bars being social spots, not ways to drown your sorrows in booze! With that in mind, if a girl’s smiling, engaging, dancing, etc., that’s who you want to talk to, because it’s that positive energy that’s going to make you feel more confident while talking to her.

Recognize her body language

Similar to her energy, body language is huge in determining how to flirt because the hardest part, for most guys, isn’t talking, it’s approaching a girl.

If you’ve gotten over that fear, knowing when to either cut your losses or keep going is so important. For instance, if she’s looking for ways to walk around you and get back to her friend group, looking beyond you with eye contact towards them or is crossing her arms, it might be time to just wish her a good night.

On the contrary, when she’s laughing, flipping her hair or touching your arm, that’s a sign that she’s into you, so keep on trucking, fella.