Sex fantasies are like flossing; we all want to do them more, but we don’t necessarily do it as much as we probably should — well, according to our latest dentist appointment, anyway. That said, just because we’ve all got sex fantasies doesn’t mean we know what girls like the most. Until now.

Thanks to a little research on the Interweb, we have an idea of the sex fantasies that girls are most into — and willing to do! So, the next time your girl talks about having some hardcore sex that involves getting lots of freaky, these sex fantasies are the ones you should consider first!

According to a Business Insider article, researchers from the University of Quebec interviewed a pool of 1,516 men and women living in the Canadian province, all between the ages of 20-to-40 years old to see the sex fantasies they most think about. For reference, of the 799 girls who participated, 6 percent identified themselves as homosexual, 12.6 percent said they were bisexual, and the rest identified as heterosexual (81.4 percent). So what were the top-five sex fantasies that women loved the most? Here are the results.

  1. Sex in a romantic location — 85%
  2. Sex in an unusual place — 82%
  3. Taking part in oral sex — 79%
  4. Performing oral sex on a male — 72%
  5. Being masturbated by a partner — 71%

Immediate thoughts? Not totally kinky sex fantasies, but, come on, those are all pretty hot. As for all of the different fantasies and results, take a look at this graph.

Kind of surprising to see a threesome was so high on the list, with over 55 percent of girls admitting to thinking about it. Now that’s pretty awesome!

As for the less common sex fantasies that women have, here were the five most guys should avoid ever bringing up to their girl.

  1. Watching someone undress without him or her knowing — 31.8%
  2. Having sex with two men — 30.9%
  3. Wearing clothing associated with the opposite sex — 6.9%
  4. Having their sexual partner urinate on them — 3.5%
  5. Having sex with an animal — 3%

And, because we care about giving you as much information as humanly possible about sex fantasies and what might be possible with your girl, here’s the full list of questions from the aforementioned survey to get a better idea. These should offer a better idea as to what is (and isn’t) off-limits when trying to break into different sexual habits.

Now that you know a little more about sex fantasies of girls, go forth and have some fun — just make sure your girl’s not going to freak out by the thought of doing something wild and crazy. It’s all about broaching these topics carefully and talking them out before just dropping any of them on her.

(H/T Business Insider)