Many guys may not think it, but there are definitely signs of attraction that girls try to disguise to give hints that they’re interested in talking with him. Thing is, lots of dudes often over-think things too much, playing out the entire situation in their own heads before actually just approaching the girl. Don’t be that guy.

Since we’re here to help you with the opposite sex and want to see you have success, we’re giving you a few of these signs of attraction that every guy needs to look for. Some are subtle, others are a little bit more direct, but, in the end, they should all act as flashing lights over a girl’s head that’s blinking, “come talk to me!”

She keeps looking at you

It’s one thing to catch a quick glimpse from a girl and maybe smile at one another, it’s a whole different level when you both keep looking at each other over and over again, basically begging someone to make a move. Well, that someone should be you, guy, so stop just eye f*cking her and go introduce yourself. We know it may be tough at first to break the ice, but whether you need liquid courage to come up with something witty, or just simply ask how her night is, you need to make your move when she keeps looking your way.

She can’t seem to look you in the eyes

Want a sure sign of attraction? How about that bashful look she gives you when you two are talking, but she just can’t seem to look you directly in the eyes? Yeah, that’s a thing, guys, and it’s usually because she thinks you’re cute. Rather than talk to her like you would a coworker, increase the flirtiness with this one and take your chance to ask for her number, she’ll probably end up giving it to you.

She brushes off other guys’ attempts

If a girl has her eye on you, she’s not going to let anything, or anyone, get in her way. That means she’s brushing off all of those other guys who are coming up to her, trying to buy her a drink or trying to start conversation. Girls are stubborn as hell, and most are competitive, too, so if she’s got her eye on you, that’s who she wants. Take that as a compliment and don’t walk away from it.

She’s low-key stalking you

Not all of these signs of attraction have to come in physical form, but, thanks to the age of social media, they obviously exist in digital form, too. If you notice a girl is constantly liking your pics or viewing your Instagram stories, that probably means she’s keeping tabs on you. Sure, the two of you may not have even met you in person, but you’ve got her attention thanks to your social media presence, so don’t be afraid to slide into her DMs and start a convo if you need to.

She’s touchy-feely

It’s one thing to make a girl laugh — which is always a good thing, guys — but it’s another thing when she’s laughing at all your dumb dad jokes and touching you while cracking up. Let’s say you tell her something that makes her chuckle, if she puts her hand on you at all, that means she’s giving you a clear sign of attraction, even if the two of you just met randomly at the bar. Girls like a guy who is witty and can make them smile, but it’s next level when she’s putting her hands somewhere on you, letting you know she’s interested in a different way.