Anyone whose ever done online dating knows that the name of the game is quantity. Sure, we all want quality, too, but, when you’re busy swiping or liking girls left and right, you want to keep options as open as possible with numerous matches to talk to, filtering out the good ones from the rest. Problem is, most guys don’t know what makes the difference between a good and bad profile.

Lucky for you, we tracked down a survey from the popular online dating site eHarmony, which pulled info from an astonishing 12,000 profiles to figure out what girls look for in profiles when swiping. And, with so many people doing online dating these days, any insider tips to help you out should be appreciated.

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Since it’s harder for men to score matches with the hotties, it’s more than just good pictures that will do the trick to get more matches. At least, that’s per the New York Post, which published this info from the eHarmony study mentioned above, with these online dating keywords being the most effective in scooping matches.

  • Physically fit (+96 percent more interaction than daters who did not use this word)
  • Perceptive (+51 percent)
  • Spontaneous (+45 percent)
  • Outgoing (+44 percent)
  • Optimistic (+39 percent)

Could it really be that simple, guys? Well, according to eHarmony, it sure as hell is! That said, we’re not saying you should go out and just add each and every one of those online dating keywords into your profiles and expect that more matches will instantly happen, but, if we were you, we’d suggest adding a few of them in there in a discrete way.

For instance, here’s an example of an online dating profile with a few of those keywords that might help your chances out. We’re spitballing this, so don’t just copy/paste into your online dating profile, guys. C’mon, be a bit more unique than that!

Just an outgoing, physically fit guy who’s love for the spontaneous can hurt him at times, going for a good story over the normal, boring night out. Looking for a girl who shares similar interests… and I’m optimistic my pretty girl’s out there in online dating land.

See, that’s not too hard, is it? A nice mix of those keywords and enthusiasm. Now that you’ve got the tools, go forth and rack up all those matches, guys, because online dating should be fun and not taken so seriously!

(H/T Men’s Health)