Masturbation is one of those things that no one should ever be too ashamed of. Sure, it can become a problem if your inner exhibitionist comes out and you start doing it in places you shouldn’t — among other problems that could arise — but, for the most part, masturbation side effects are mostly positive.

That said, like all good things, there are some negative masturbation side effects that guys should be aware of, too. Since we’re here to try and help you become the greatest man that you can be, here are some of those negative side effects of masturbation, which are a few things that are good to know before yanking it too much.

Masturbation side effects: physical health

Yes, there are plenty of positive masturbation side effects when it comes to physical health — like stress relief or boosted immunity, among others — but it’s not all roses, guys. In addition to, possibly, injuring your penis and/or testicles if you’re doing it too hard or too frequently, Coleen Singer, a sexpert at, told AskMen that compulsive masturbation can lead to rashes, redness and irritation to your genitals.

For those who might have the urge to masturbate, but don’t have lubrication handy, it’s best to hold off. And remember, be careful with your tempo while trying to please yourself, because the last thing you want to do is hurt yourself while trying to get off.

Masturbation side effects: psychological health

Masturbation is supposed to be the safe way to feel good about your sexual thoughts in the comfort of your own home. Hell, it’s why you feel so good about yourself after doing it, as it knocks off a little stress and allows you to live out some sex fantasies of yours.

Be careful, though, because, while masturbation is typically something that brings positive energy to our brains, some people can rely on it too much to take them from sad to happy. That’s right, masturbation can become an unhealthy stress reliever, so don’t turn to it all the time, or it could present a problem for you when dealing with difficult situations.

Masturbation side effects: sex life

Though rare, one negative masturbation side effect can be how it impacts your sex life. Now, don’t get us wrong, many couples utilize masturbation as a teaser prior to sex; a healthy appetizer of things to come, if you will. However, in some cases, masturbation can create a false illusion of sex, with both men and women replaying scenes from porn in their minds, which creates less of a connection between partners.

A more real negative issue with masturbation is decreased sensitivity of the penis. Again, it’s rare, but research has shown that men who grip their penis too tight while masturbating can decrease sensation, which is why some sex experts recommend changing technique to help restore blood flow and sensitivity.

Masturbation side effects: other areas of your life

Although it’s rare to have something as extreme as addiction to masturbation occur, like many things in life when they become relied upon, it can happen. That said, if you’re ever feeling as if you’re spending too much time behind closed doors to pleasure yourself and not enough interacting with human beings in real life, it might be time to go talk to someone and get help.

A few areas that can be impacted by an addiction to masturbation are things like skipping work or school to do it, canceling plans with friends or family to do it, and/or giving it more attention than other things in your life.

Again, it’s pretty rare to have someone become addicted, but it is a masturbation side effect that is very real, so, if you feel like you might have a problem with it, talk to a counselor and/or go for a run, write in a journal or call a friend on the phone to catch up to fight the urge.

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