What’s the average amount of sex that a person will have in a lifetime? It may not be something we all ask ourselves on the regular, but, as we all try to count how many sexual partners we’ve had in our lifetime to our current age, it’s probably something that crosses your mind.

Unless you’re one of those people who keeps a running record of how often you have sex, and with whom, there’s a very good chance that you’ll never know your exact number. But, because this is a subject that so many people wonder about and want answers, a study from a cash back site called Quidco has punched the numbers and have done the math, helping us get an idea at the average amount of sex someone will have before they die.

According to the research, get this, the average amount of sex in a person’s lifetime is an absurd 5,778 times. No, that’s not a typo, but cold hard facts! Of course, that’s not how many different partners the average person will sleep with, but just the total average number of sex in a lifetime.

The Daily Star, which provided the info, continued with some other interesting facts from Quidco’s research.

On top of this, we’ll also fall in love 6.5 times and have eight romantic partners. Using the national life expectancy of 83 years, it also means we’ll be dumped 5.5 times and have six unrequited loves, Huffington Post reports.

And, according to the same report, we’ll also sleep for 181,770 hours (20.8 years), take 2,689 selfies and spend a whopping 52,502 hours (six years) on social media before we die.

As the above states, all of this info is based off of the national life expectancy of 83 years, so, even for those who may have gotten a late start to losing their virginity, there’s a belief that you’ll still hit this number once you break that seal.

Even though there’s a belief that sexual activity declines as people age, there have been multiple studies that suggest otherwise, meaning there’s an abundance of opportunity to get down and dirty. Not only that, but humans are living even longer nowadays than they were a even decades ago, meaning the average amount of sex that a person has in their lifetime might actually increase.

Who knows if that 5,778 number is accurate or not, but, given the fact that sexual activity is important to one’s overall health, it’s a number that is certainly achievable. So, keep on doing what you’re doing and remember to be safe out there!

(H/T DailyStar)