If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably wondered what some of the world’s craziest sex records might be. Hey, after all, we’re a little bit of exhibitionists, so it’s always fun trying to figure out just how wild other people can be between the sheets — or, maybe more accurately, in public.

For those who have ever thought about which sex records are most impressive, we’ve done some research for you, identifying some of the ones that should be saluted, celebrated and applauded. Thanks to the YouTube channel “Top 10 Planet,” take a look at this video which pays homage to the world’s top sex records — and see for yourself why the world impressive is an understatement.


To recap the video, here are the top-1o sex records, which has us wondering if they’ll ever be duplicated or, more impressively, broken.

  1. Most orgasms in an hour – 222
  2. Strongest vagina – 30 pounds lifted
  3. Longest man masturbation – 9 hours and 58 minutes
  4. Biggest gang bang – 919 men in one day
  5. Biggest orgy – 500 people (250 guys, 250 girls)
  6. Oldest prostitute – 85 years old
  7. Longest ejaculation – 18 feet, 9 inches
  8. Most prolific mother – 69 children
  9. Largest vagina – 16 centimeters
  10. World’s biggest penis – 13.5 inches

Any of those sex records seem more impressive than others? In our opinion, any girl who can hold 30 pounds with her vagina is insane. That said, any lady who can push out 69 kids out deserves a high-five, too — what a trooper — but, come on, who wouldn’t be impressed with a dude who can shoot semen nearly 19 feet? That’s hard to even fathom!

Anyway, they say that records are meant to be broken, but something tells us these sex records may have some staying power. That said, if you think you’ve got some sexual talents, it might be worth going for the gold and trying to take these impressive things down — we just wouldn’t expect that to happen.