Sex is always better when it’s adventurous, with good energy, chemistry and exhibitionism. While that’s not always the case, every once in awhile, guys are lucky to have a girl who’s totally open to doing some wild things in the bedroom, which is always appreciated.

The term “wild things” is extremely subjective, with some people thinking doggy style is wild, while others would classify BDSM being more on the crazy side, so it’s always interesting to see how guys define that word. Thanks to our good friends of at Cosmo, who interviewed a bunch of guys to find the wild things to do in bed with girls, we have a better idea as to what we some dudes think feel the best.

We’re not saying you should go out and do any or all of these, but, hey, if other dudes claim that they’re wild, why not at least see if your girl’s open to them, right?


Not long ago, we did a little test to figure out if squirting during sex was, in fact just a girl peeing. It was an interesting project that left us perplexed as to why some girls squirt and others don’t, but, one thing’s for sure, it seems as if it’s a pleasurable thing more than anything else. And, because most guys know that making a girl squirt will drive a girl’s mind and body wild, it’s no surprise that dudes find it to be one of the wild things to do in bed — even if it takes some work to achieve.


Whether you prefer your girl to pretend to be a cop who’s arresting you and handcuffing you to have her way, or a teacher who’s punishing you with some after school detention (and sex), role-playing typically leads to some favorable, kinky sex. According to the Cosmo survey, Mikey, 26, said that the best thing a girl has ever done in the bedroom is “dressing up and role-playing a school girl.” Not too bad, Mikey.


It’s a fact that not all girls like swallowing. Sure, she has her reasons for it, but, as a guy, it can feel a bit strange knowing that she’s open to going down on you with some killer oral sex, yet doesn’t want to totally complete the job. That’s part of the reason why, when she does swallow, it’s such a turn on to some guys. There’s just something about it that makes a man feel masculine, isn’t there?

Unexpected sex

When you and your girl have been drinking all night and are a little looser, it’s fun to have sex, but it’s usually expected to happen. That’s why unexpected sex is always a nice little surprise — and one of the wild things to do in bed to have a fun experience. According to the Cosmo survey, 19-year-old Zach agreed with this notion, saying the hottest thing that happened to him was when a girl “woke me up in the middle of the night to have sex.” Yeah, that’s one on our favorite things, too, because it mean that, even in the middle of the night, she’s thinking about you while lying next to you.

Tying him up

When it comes to wild things to do in bed, being tied up has to be near the top of the list. In theory, it’s simple. However, because it’s so wild, not many couples are committed to trying it out — which is a shame, really. Being tied up takes trust and communication, and it’s so hot because the tied up person is at the mercy of the other person. Whether that means a girl teasing, riding or doing something else to drive her man crazy is all up to the two of you.

To check out all of the different wild things to do in bed that guys said felt the best, you can head on over to Cosmo. Hopefully, some of those serve as inspiration for the next time you’re getting down and dirty with your girl.