Who knew that having the world’s biggest penis could be so difficult? That’s the assumption that Jonah Falcon gives, the man who is known for having a massive 13.5-inch penis when erect, and has gone down in history for owning such a “unit.”

Unfortunately, though, Jonah wants to be known more for his acting skills than for having the world’s biggest penis, and, in a recent interview with Daily Star, talked about how his giant dick may have killed his chances at being taken seriously in Hollywood. Well, at least that’s what he’s claiming, believing that casting directors have stopped hiring him for major roles.

A known bisexual who has bedded porn stars, actors and even Oscar winners, Jonah has described his sexcapades as quite unique, even saying that some of the famous people he’s slept with sought him out at parties. And, when on the British TV show, This Morning, back in 2012, was even known to make host Holly Willoughby blush when describing his penis.

However, just because Jonah has the world’s biggest penis doesn’t mean he doesn’t have problems. Sure, he has openly said that it doesn’t make him insecure, but he did describe a situation at the airport once that came because of his massive bulge, per Daily Star.

“The worst thing about being a bit extra large is airport security — having to be stopped and frisked and asked if I have a growth. They always think it’s fake and I can’t just whip it out and show them. It’s awkward but it’s something I’ve come to expect when I fly now.”

To put Jonah’s penis in context, it’s as long as a cucumber, a bottle of wine and even large loaf of bread.

If any of you are having penis envy right now, you’re not alone. Oh, as for sex, here’s what Jonah had to say about being extra careful when getting down and dirty, considering he has a near weapon below his belt.

He says he has to modify his sex positions and take care while he’s sleeping so he doesn’t get a penile fracture.

“Certain sex positions — like when someone is on top — don’t work either.”

That said, as we mentioned above, having such a big penis isn’t all roses, as Jonah thinks he’s being shunned from certain movie roles.

Still, to have the world’s biggest penis has to be quite the honor, and it’s something that has brought him more attention than he probably would have gotten otherwise. That said, here’s to hoping he gets a fair shake when it comes to pursuing his professional goals.

(H/T Daily Star)