Not only is masturbation a normal, everyday activity that we all do to pleasure ourselves, but it also happens to be healthy for us, too. Whether we’re cleaning the ol’ pipes while watching something dirty or doing it to make sure everything’s all good down there, there are some serious benefits to playing with yourself. What are they? We give you some answers.

Masturbation isn’t as taboo a topic as it once was, and, with so many people realizing that it’s actually a good thing (rejoice!), it’s more common for people to talk about it and admit to doing it quite often. And, as we stated above, given the masturbation health benefits, it’s something you may want to consider doing more often.

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It can help improve sleep

That old joke about passing out after a good romp sesh has some validity to it, because, according to research, releasing some pent up sexual tension by masturbating can help lead to some solid sleep, too! According to the website Science Line, when men ejaculate, it releases chemicals like oxytocin, vasopressin, and prolactin, all of which naturally help your mind and body relax and rest.

It can help you last longer during sex

If there’s one thing most guys worry about when having sex, it’s premature ejaculation. In other words, no one wants to be known as a “one pump chump,” who can’t last longer than a few minutes when trying to get his significant other off. Thankfully, regular masturbation can help cure that little, uh, deficiency, with the additional stroking giving the penis or clitoris a comfortable medium to the sensation of sex. You know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Prevents prostate cancer

Remember how we said that regular masturbation is healthy for us? Well, this might be the most obvious reason, as masturbation pushes out old fluids that can reduce the odds of prostate cancer by 33 percent. Per a study from Harvard in 2004, men who ejaculated 21 times/month were less likely to get prostate cancer, compared to those who ejaculated between four and seven times/month.

Helps prevent STDs

Masturbation health benefits are aplenty, but a good one for all mankind is that it can help stop the spreading of harmful STDs. This one’s probably pretty obvious, leading both men and women to pleasure themselves rather than find some random person to have sex with, but it should be noted, nonetheless. Either way, for all those who are participating in any sexual activity, be safe and smart about it, using protection.

Improves heart health

Hate to jump on a treadmill or go for a long walk around the neighborhood? Fear not, because one of the masturbation health benefits happens to be improved heart health. That’s according to a study from the The American Journal of Cardiology, which discovered that men who orgasm more than twice a week were less likely to experience some sort of cardiovascular disease or have a stroke. For the men who orgasmed just once a month were 45 percent more likely to contract one.