Whether it’s engrained in us or a fabric of society, plenty of men out there often worry about the size of their penis, wondering if they can make my penis bigger than it is. Girls often insist that the a giant dick isn’t the end all, be all when it comes to good sex with a guy, yet dudes consistently worry that they’re too small.

For those who refuse to either believe girls or are so insecure about how long they are beneath the belt, there are some options to make the length increase — but some of them are extreme. However, if you’re willing to go through the process and have a little patience, here are just a few ways that guys can make their penis bigger.

Kegel exercises

Most common for men who want to last longer during sex and avoid prematurely ejaculating, kegel exercises can also help extend the length of a man’s penis, too. By strengthening the PC muscle — which is located between the balls and the anus — by flexing and tightening the PC muscle, it will increase blood flow to the penis. Doing kegel exercises in small spurts and contractions won’t make you super big, but it can help with adding some length and girth.

Penis implant

Much like girls do with their boobs or asses, guys have the option of going under the knife and get a penis implant — but, in all honesty, doesn’t this sound like a lot of work (and pain) for something that’s probably fine as is? Either way, a penis implant can increase a penis’ length and girth, with the average length being about 1.5 inches and the average girth about 2.5 inches. Be ready to drop some money, though, because a penis implant can set you back about $13,000.

Penis stretching exercises

We really hope this isn’t the method you go with, but, hey, it’s your penis, so we’re not one to judge how you want to get bigger. That said, penis stretching exercises won’t have overnight results, and can be super painful, so be prepared for what lies ahead. By stretching your penis, the goal is to lengthen the suspensory ligament of the penis, and a guy can do so by either turning it, stretching and shaking, or advanced rotation and shaking.

Penis extenders

Want to go rogue when it comes to increasing your penis size? Well, technology allows you to do just that, with a couple of the earliest inventions being the Andro-Penis and the Golden Erect — which both stretch the penis while worn underneath clothes. Of course, results vary, with the Andro-Penis adding just a half-inch in length, per one study. Unfortunately, like others on this list, the risks of scarring and discomfort down there might not be worth it.

Plastic surgery

Yep, thanks to modern health, we can now go under the knife and have plastic surgery on your penis to increase the length and girth. Much like the aforementioned penis implant, the surgery is going to be quite expensive, with the average cost around $9,000 for about a half-inch in length — which falls way below expectations of the patient. The outcome and risks often outweigh the procedure, though, with painful erections, infection or scar tissue being the most serious.