As men, it’s important for us to understand a few things. We’re not expected to know everything on the planet and have the world figured out, but there are a particular set of skills that our buddies, our ladies and everyone in-between expects us to know.

From simple activities like how to hang a picture on a wall at home to properly engaging with a waitress or bartender without making her feel uncomfortable, being a guy has some responsibilities — but that’s what makes it so damn great! And, because not all skills are created equal, we’re giving you a few skills for men that shouldn’t just be known, but absolutely mastered. (Editor’s Note: The GIF below is not an example of any of these skills).

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Are we a little biased? You’re g-ddamn right we’re biased; but we have a good reason as to why writing is a one of those skills for men that needs to be mastered. First, you’ve been doing it your entire life, you should know the English language by now, understanding how to write a proper sentence. Second, even if you’re not really the sharpest tool in the shed, writing makes you appear smart and witty — think of all those clever emails you can send to HR Managers while looking for a job. Lastly, writing is sexy, with girls understanding that a well-spoken man can hold his own with anyone.

Change a flat tire

We’re not saying you need to be the handiest man on the planet, but, c’mon, changing a tire is something that a teenage girl can do, so a man should never be afraid to tackle such a task. Sure, it can be a daunting task since a) changing a tire isn’t (hopefully) a regular occurrence and b) you’re lifting a two-ton care onto a jack tiny jack that can easily slip off of it, but now’s the time to roll up the ol’ sleeves and show off one of the most important skills for men when in the situation.


There’s a major difference between knowing how to flirt and knowing how to be charming. A flirt is someone who shoots his shot and bounces from girl-to-girl, looking for quantity over quality. A charming man takes his time, knows exactly what to say to make a girl laugh and isn’t just remembered by the ladies he talks to, but the ones who are observing from across the room. Which man would you rather be?


Being told that you’re a good kisser by a girl should be one of the best compliments on planet earth, as it proves you know how to use your lips, tongue and patience to please her. Plus, it leads to plenty of other areas where you can put your mouth, if you catch our drift. Whether you’re kissing a girl for the first time or someone who you’ve been dating for awhile, when a guy cares about how good of a kisser he is, girls will know — and instantly be turned on.


There’s a reason why one of the best traits of a good leader and/or successful people is listening; because it’s a skill that many of us just don’t possess. That said, if you’re a man who knows how to listen and wait to give your opinion, it shows patience and confidence — bother major turn-ons for girls. We’ve all got an opinion (and want them to be heard), but slowing yourself down and listening will teach you a hell of a lot.