As we’ve pointed out plenty of times before, the video game Fortnite is one of the wildest phenomenons in the gaming industry, with millions of gamers scratching their itch to play it as often as possible, with the multiplayer battle royale exploding to a reported 125 million players worldwide since last November. To say the game is just a fad would be a shameful understatement.

Unfortunately, the popularity of Fortnite has hit some gamers a bit too hard, with its addictive gameplay being too much for some to handle. In fact, it’s become such a problem that some people are having a tough time balancing doing damage on the battlefield and marriage!

That’s right, according to the divorce website, a U.K.-based site that provides services, advice, and an online community for people facing the end of their marriages, the company has received at least 200 divorce requests since the start of 2018, which identify Fortnite addiction by one of the people in the marriage as the reason for the split.

Now, let’s not kid ourselves for a second and think that an addiction to Fortnite is the only problem that these couples are dealing with. After all, things like bad communication, arguments over finances, general loss of interest and, possibly, even cheating can lead to separation. However, assuming the claims from are all related to Fortnite — and the site claims they are — it’s hard to overcome those difficult relationship killers when someone is buried in a video game that literally rewards a user for playing as long as possible.

The news about divorce from Fortnite isn’t great to hear, but, lest we forget, that playing video games can improve your sex life in unique ways. That said, it takes balance in order to have that happen. And, more importantly, it takes a sense of reality to know that a video game isn’t going to lead to happiness, but only provide a distraction from all the stresses going on — like work or a bad relationship.

With all that said, the rise in video game addiction is becoming more of a concern. As we pointed out a few weeks ago, China is even going to great lengths to limit gaming activity of kids, hoping to put a restriction on the amount children play from fear of health concerns. Additionally, per Esquire, The World Health Organization added “gaming disorder” to its International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems this past June, claiming that excessive gaming can lead to damaging physical and psychological health.

Gaming might be fun, but, like all things, when it consumes a person’s life and skews relationships and/or communication with people in real life, addiction can occur. That can led to things like the divorce claims we’ve mentioned above, as well as other potential problems, so make sure you limit how much you’re playing, guys.

(H/T Esquire)