Teasing a girl in the bedroom is an art form that many guys just don’t know how to master. It’s not that you’re trying to get her in the mood to have sex, but it’s all about making her hormones and emotions run wild, making her feel comfortable and tempting her to want you before you to go at it.

Sure, we all know that foreplay is an essential part of hooking up, but it’s trickier than guys think because of a lack of patience. Whether that’s from the girl who’s begging for sex, or the guy unable to control his hormones and wanting to get down to business, there are a number of reasons why teasing a girl doesn’t go as long as it should.

It’s time to change that, which is why we’re giving you some tips on how to tease her the right way so that the sex is as mind-blowing as humanly possible. Trust us, she’ll be happy you followed our advice.

Use your imagination

Want to know one of the best things about teasing a girl in the bedroom? There aren’t any specific rules to what’s right or what’s wrong, it’s just about experimenting, communicating with her and seeing how she reacts to what you’re doing. That means you can suck her lower lip while sensually kissing her. Or spank her because you know she likes it. Or maybe even rub her clitoris nice and softly because you know it makes her legs shake. Talk to her about what feels good and go for it.

Know her sensitive spots

While there are some things that can make your girl’s mind go wild, certain areas on her body should be old faithful when teasing her. For instance, make sure you focus on her neck and collarbone while lightly rubbing and/or kissing. Likewise, the butt and, of course, her clit are ultra sensitive spots, so focus on those anytime you feel like she’s not reacting much to something new you’re trying.

Experiment with different areas of her body

Teasing a girl is mostly about turning her on to the point that she’s begging for you to have sex with her already, but it’s not going to happen every single time. As mentioned above, there are some sensitive spots on her body to focus on, but that doesn’t mean you should only stick to those specific areas. Pull her hair a little bit if she’s cool with it, give her a sexy massage by rubbing her back and inner thighs or lightly squeeze her nipples for a little pain and pleasure; whatever you think she may like and is OK with.

Take your damn time

Guys, sex is not about you! That may be difficult to understand, but, let’s face it, you’re going to get off no matter what she does, but it’s the girl who gets off who then goes and brags to her girlfriends about how great you are in the sack. That means slowing down and taking your time during foreplay, understanding that teasing a girl takes a lot more TLC than just some quick quick fingering and humping.

Make it fun and use some toys

Not sure (or comfortable) using your tongue and fingers to tease your girl? That’s OK, but you can make it a little more fun by bringing in some sex toys to the bedroom for some added help. Whips, blindfolds, oils and all that other stuff can be used to tease a girl and add a little more intensity. It’s not for everyone, but, if you’re both cool with it, these might be a way to take things to another level.