For anyone who has traveled, I’m sure you’ve seeing some of the flight attendants on airplanes and thought some dirty things to yourself. Hey, it’s hard not to sometimes, given the fact they’re all dolled up and dressed in a uniform, right? There’s just something about that look that’s easy to fall for. But which airline has the sexiest flight attendants?

Sure, not every airline has hot flight attendants, but, every once in awhile, you’ll get lucky and have an absolute stunner who’s going up and down the aisles to serve you drinks and give you free peanuts. Somehow, some way, that girl can make it look sexy.

While there are lots of pretty flight attendants out there, have you ever wondered which airline actually has the most attractive ones? Probably, because, well, if you’re a guy, it’s one of those things we often think about. Thanks to a new survey, we finally have the answer.

A company called Trippy helped figure out which flight attendants are actually the sexiest, sharing the results with us so we can, just maybe, have it help us decide which airline to use for our next trip. So, which airline did Trippy find has the most attractive flight attendants? According to their research, female flight attendants on Emirates Airlines came in in the No. 1 spot, scoring an average ranking of 7.17 out of 10. The runners up were United Airlines (6.73), followed by Hawaiian Airlines (6.71) and, finally, Delta Airlines came in fourth with a score of 6.68.

Here’s a look at the full results.

Via Trippy

You might now be wondering how Trippy came up with the results, right? According to Maxim, the company surveyed 2,000 travelers, simple asking the participants to rank the attractiveness of flight attendants on a scale of 1-to-10. Simple enough, right?

With the holidays coming up, I’ve got a hunch that most of us will be doing some traveling. If that’s the case, you now know which airline to use if you’re hoping to leave the flight with a phone number of one of the hot flight attendants — just remember that joining the Mile High Club isn’t recommended, well, unless you want to get booted from the airline once you land.