We all know how important it is to make a great first impression when on a first date. After all, that’s what a first date is all about, right? It’s just a series of judgments of the other person, wondering if she/he fits with your personality, and if it’s worth hanging out again by the end of the night.

While we gave you some items of clothing that no dude should ever wear on a first date the other day, we’re here to help with some creative first date ideas that will make her impressed that you’re not just doing the same old thing. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with settling for a dinner date at some nice restaurant, passing time with conversation while sipping wine. But, c’mon, this is a first date, do you really want to spend $100 or more on someone you may not never see again?

First dates are like cover letters when applying to a job — they’re meant as a teaser to what the person’s really about. Eventually, you get to the resume to find out more about them, then an interview or two, and, finally, you hire them. So it’s important to remember that as you decide what to do for a first date, making sure you mix things up and keep things fun.

For those guys who may struggle with breaking from the norm, here are some creative first date ideas that will make her even more excited to meet you for the first time. Now go be your charming self.

Coffee or drinks at a bar

So many guys think that inviting a girl to get coffee is frowned upon. Wrong. In fact, it’s one of those casual first date ideas that girls actually love, because it’s low key and can lead to more, potentially. If things go bad for some reason, you just go your separate ways without feeling too invested.

As for drinks at a bar, asking a girl to grab some wine or fancy cocktails is a good way to kill a few hours over good conversation. Rather than drop a bunch of money on a full-fledged dinner, going to a bar for drinks won’t break the bank, nor will it reveal too much about each other — which, if both people are interested, can lead to a second date.

Museum, art gallery or aquarium

Want to really show her how in tune you are with your creative side? Forget taking filtered pics on Instagram and, instead, invite her to a museum for your first date. We know, this isn’t the first choice for you to spend an afternoon, but it’s definitely something the she’ll appreciate and show excitement for. You two can talk while walking, while also either critique art or channel your inner middle-schooler by running around to look at the different exhibits.

Mini golf

Go ahead and show how competitive you are by taking your first date to the mini golf course. Of course, just remember to “let” her win. There are few people are are pros on a mini golf course, so the two of you won’t feel embarrassed stepping up and trying to hit the golf ball through a clown’s mouth and down a stream that leads to the hole. It’s sure to lead to some laughs, and the two of you can sip some cheap beers the entire time.

Boat ride

Assuming you live near a body of water, there are so many options for the two of you to get out on a boat together, you just need to put forth the effort to find the right one. For instance, there are scenic tours that give history of the city you’re in, as well as small booze cruises where you drinks some adult beverages while riding around on the water. If nothing else, go rent a canoe or something and paddle her around, assuming she’s cool with spending an hour or so stranded in the middle of a small lake with you.


Much like mini golf, bowling is a great opportunity for your competitive side to come out, which, more often than not, means you’re being yourself and not thinking about what to say. Plus, who the hell doesn’t enjoy bowling? It’s one of those things that many of us don’t often think about, but it’s never a bad time. Maybe it’s because you channel your inner kid and just have fun — because no one’s really great at it anyway. Whatever the reason, it’s a good first date idea.

Walk and picnic in the park

If you’re really feeling romantic, go ahead and take your first date to a park for either a picnic and/or walk. Sure, it’s super cheap — unless you get wine or alcohol to accompany the light snacks — but, who cares, if a girl thinks your low-balling her on a first date, she’s probably not the right kind of girl for you anyway. This date will allow you two to talk, see a calmer part of the city you live in and leaves the rest of the day open, assuming it goes well in the park.