If there are Tinder tips out there for guys to know about, there’s a very good chance that all of us are going to flock to them and see how we can use them to our advantage. Thing is, it’s easy for me to list a bunch of things that girls look for on the app, but, c’mon, I’m a single guy, too, so what help is that?

Rather than read a bunch of Tinder tips from other places and list them out here, I figured it’s best to go straight to the source. That’s why I headed over to the online dating apps blog to see what cold hard facts they had available that could be helpful to get more matches and go on more dates. I found some helpful things, with one video standing out the most.

While we all struggle with coming up with the perfect pics and filling out the funniest bio on Tinder, sometimes, it’s just about keeping things simple to appeal to girls. Sure, it’s an app that might come across as strictly physical attractiveness, but, deep down, both girls and guys want substance when going on dates. For that reason, here’s what 28 different, legitimate single girls said they really look for while swiping away on Tinder.

Sure, not all girls are created equal — as these girls prove — but this should help with the strange stress that might settle in over how many matches you do or don’t have. Remember, guys, it’s all about quality and substance, and, at the end of the day, there’s only one girl you need to impress.

If you’re in need of more Tinder tips, it might be helpful to check out some of our other articles about the popular online dating app, which can help you craft a near-perfect profile in order to land the girl you’ve got your eye on. Here’s one pro tip you should already know though: gym selfies aren’t doing you any favors, so try to avoid those at all costs.