DJ Khaled recently grabbed some attention by giving a bunch of information about his sex life, admitting that that he doesn’t perform oral sex on his wife because there are “different rules for men” when it comes to that.

With DJ Khaled’s statement being pretty bold and can be perceived in plenty of different ways (mostly negatively due to is misogynistic tone), it turns out that the Internet wasn’t too keen on his opinion. In fact, plenty of people were tweeting about the musician and producer’s words, pretty much laying into him and reminding him that a real man takes care of his lady.

One of those people happen to be former WWE wrestler and A-level movie star Dwayne The Rock Johnson, who replied to the news with a tweet of his own to educate DJ Khaled on how a man should act. As you might expect, the tweet from “The Rock” was received by plenty as a stand-up move, which we agree about.

As you might expect, we’re big supporters of Dwayne Johnson saying something and offering up his opinion to DJ Khaled. It’s not that Khaled isn’t performing oral sex on his wife — that’s something that they need to talk about, because what they do in the bedroom isn’t anyone else’s business. What is a concern is the fact that that DJ Khaled thinks that it’s a woman’s job to do it, with the man not having to because he’s “the king.”

“A woman should praise the man—the king” he said. “If you holding it down for your woman I feel like the woman should praise. And a man should praise the queen.

“But you know, my way of praising is called, ‘How was dinner? You like the house you living in? You like all them clothes you getting? I’m taking care of your family, I’m taking care of my family.’ You know, I’m putting in the work.”

“It’s different rules for men. You gotta understand, we the king. There’s some things that y’all might not wanna do, but it got to get done. I just can’t do what you want me to do. I just can’t.”

Again, it’s none of our business what DJ Khaled and his wife does or doesn’t do in the bedroom, but the fact that he’s got such a sense of entitlement is what should make men everywhere a bit uncomfortable — or straight-up pissed. Whatever your stance is, we hope DJ Khaled takes some hints from Dwayne The Rock Johnson and feels it necessary to take care of his girl in all aspects when it comes to sex. Isn’t that every guy’s goal anyway?

(H/T Maxim)