Pulling out during sex might be one of the more popular moves for millennials, who, for some reason, think that it’s a good alternative to wearing a condom while casually sleeping around. While we’re all guilty of doing it, pulling out during sex has seemed to be in the news a lot lately for some reason, so we figured we’d give some facts about it that we think you should know.

First of all, the whole term, “pulling out,” actually has a more grown-up term. Many sex experts refer to it as the “withdrawal method,” and it’s believed that 60 percent of couples have used it at least once during sex. With that type of regularity, it’s time to get a little bit more info about pulling out during sex, so here are some things worth considering.

Pulling out during sex is risky

Many couples think that pulling out during sex is best because a) it feels better than wearing a condom and b) it’s easier when you’re just ready to get down and dirty with no regard to practicing safe sex habits. Those people might want to think twice, though, because it is super risky to just pull out.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that pulling out during sex is all about timing, with guys responsible to know when they’re about to ejaculate so not to let their sperm start swimming inside his girl. Problem is, most guys don’t know that, which is why the pulling out method increases a woman’s pregnancy risk to 22 percent. That’s assuming you don’t have pre-ejaculation inside her first, which, yes, is a thing fellas.

Uh, STIs, guys

Forget the fact that pulling out during sex increases the chances of pregnancy, because, maybe more importantly (and riskier), it also leaves you unprotected from STIs! We’re all well-aware that STIs are passed through skin-to-skin contact and bodily fluids, so when a guy isn’t wearing a little latex hat over his penis, there’s a better chance of swapping different infections.

Multiple sessions? You’re still gambling

Many people aren’t just satisfied with having sex once with a person during the night, so couples are often down to plow two, three or four times, depending on their moods. That might seem great — and, if using condoms, could get expensive — but pulling out during sex as you have more sex in a night isn’t smart. That’s because your sperm count remains high no matter how often you ejaculate, and, in fact, pre-ejaculation is more prominent as you have more and more sex in a night.