As summer approaches us it’s the perfect time to plan a romantic holiday for you and your partner. But to have a romantic holiday there are things you can do to make it extra romantic and really sweep them off their feet. Here’s my guide to a romantic holiday!

Firstly we’re going to need to pick our holiday destination. There are two ways of doing this. Secretly or together. Planning a secret holiday for you and your partner can be uber romantic. It takes more planning, however, and it can be really hard keeping it a secret. The surprise can certainly pay off in the end though!

Planning a trip together can be a great way to bond. It also lets you both get excited about the trip. There’s also less chance of booking something your partner might dislike. There are pro and cons to either way of booking, but you can’t really go wrong with either.

Picking the location

Location depends a lot on what sort of activities you would like to do on your holiday. An all inclusive resort somewhere can be very romantic as it’s hassle free. A cabin in the middle of nowhere can be romantic if you want to just get away from everything. The beach is great for lounging, bikini photos and getting a sun tan. Somewhere cold is great if you want to spend a lot of time indoors cuddling.

Wherever you pick, make sure you splurge out on getting a nicer suite. It can be really easy to pick the budget option for your room. It saves money after all, and you’re only going to sleep in it right? Wrong. Getting a really nice room is the first and possibly most important step to being romantic on holiday. It makes you and your partner feel instantly special when you arrive. Plus it motivates you to stay in your room and do a lot of not sleeping!

Extras for your room

Lots of hotels and resorts will offer romantic extras for your room. Flowers in the room when you arrive. Strawberries and champagne. These might cost extra but they really pull up the romantic factor. You can DIY it yourself of course with a bit of planning. You can find a florist nearby and get flowers when your partner isn’t looking for instance.

Roses are cliched but they really are romantic. You can put the petals on the bed, in the bath, pretty much anywhere to turn up the romance notch. If you don’t want to do the petal thing, you can always see if you can get hold of your partner’s favourite flowers and have them waiting in the room for them.

Turn off your phone

It’s a lot harder than it sounds. Disconnecting yourself from the world is really hard these days. It’s so easy to just quickly bring up Facebook or Twitter, or send a text to your friends. If you truly want to be romantic on holiday however you need to learn to switch the tech off.

This goes for both you and your partner. It doesn’t have to be for the entire trip, but you can decide on certain times. For instance “let’s not have our phones with us this afternoon”. That way you can truly immerse yourself on your holiday as well as focus more on your partner.

Romantic activities

This will again depends on what interests you and your partner have. Anything from getting a couple’s massage to having a picnic on a hike, theres lots of ways to be romantic on holiday.

Try to plan at least one romantic dinner somewhere really nice. Getting dressed up fancy for a three course meal with candle light and wine is classic and it works. Ask the concierge for recommendations or research online before your holiday to find that perfect venue. Look for places that might do live music on certain evenings.

There are lots of fun games that can make a holiday more romantic as well. For instance, you can play sight-seeing bingo. Depending on where you go, you can make the bingo cards before hand. Then take a day sightseeing and see if you can tick off the items on your bingo list. Besides monuments you can also add things such as “a cute puppy” or “a waiter with a moustache”.