Have you ever been interested in trying swinging or getting into the swinging lifestyle? It can seem daunting, especially for couples who have never experienced anything like it before. Here are some simple steps to take for how to try swinging without ruining your relationship.


Agree on what you want

It’s not a simple matter of deciding that you want to try swinging. You need to agree on two very important issues. Why you want to try swinging, and how you want to try swinging.

Swinging can be a great option to revive or spice up your sex life. You might just want to experience sharing each other with other people. There’s lots of good reasons to try swinging. There are also lots of bad reasons to try swinging. For instance, if your relationship is having serious issues, swinging won’t magically fix them. When you decide to venture into swinging, you should be in a solid and happy relationship.

You also need to decide on how you want to go about swinging. It might not sound sexy to sit down and make a list of points, but it’s better for your relationship in the long run. Find out what both of you are looking for. Do you want to try bringing another girl into the relationship? Does she want to try couple swapping? What are the rules on either partner hooking up with members of the same sex?

There are lots of options, but the easiest ones to look at would be to either bring a third person in, meet and join another couple or attend a swingers club/party.

Set up some rules

There should always be rules when swinging. Rules to keep both you and your partner happy, and to help you stay on the same page. A good rule might be either partner has the right to veto any person joining in. Once they use the veto, no argument is allowed. Or if you’re at a party, if one partner wants to leave you’ll both leave unless agreed on otherwise.

When coming up with rules, just remember that you’re making them so that you both feel safe and comfortable. Swinging can open up problems with jealousy or insecurity if not done properly. That’s why you set up rules to make sure you’re both in control and understanding of whatever goes on.

Find partners or a club together

No matter which route you decide to take with swinging, make sure you look together. A popular way of finding partners for swinging is to use some well established websites such as sdc.com or swinglifestyle.com. When making an online profile you should make a joint account.

Making an account together allows both partners access to communications with potential partners. If you have separate accounts it can lead to insecurities as you don’t know what messages your partner might be sending, or to whom.

Check out a club for research purposes

One of the great things about going to a swinger’s club or party is that you’re under no obligation to join in. Voyeurism and exhibitionism is a large part of the swinging lifestyle. Clubs are used to having couples who only watch and play with each other.

It could be then very useful to simply attend a party as a couple just to observe and learn. If you decide at the party you want to join in or try something new, then that’s great. There’s no pressure though, and it’ll give you a taste of what the swinging lifestyle has to offer.

Always communicate

From the very stat you need to make sure your communication with your partner is 100%. Be open about everything. Share you ideas or concerns. Make sure you’re both happy with whatever you decide to do. Keep communicating when you do it. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or unhappy, tell your partner. If you’re loving it and are ecstatic, share it with your partner. For a successful relationship that involves swinging, you need to make sure you are always communicating.