Sex education is once again under fire by religious groups, this time targeting TeenVogue anal sex guide. The religious group believes the article teaches children to be “sexual deviants”.

Last week, teen lifestyle magazine TeenVogue, published an article on their online website called “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know”. The article explains many points about anal sex, including why people might be interested in it. It is published under their “sexual health” column.

A petition has since been put online asking for the removal of the article. The organisation Enough is Enough claim the article of glorifying anal sex. They also mention that the article is “laced with explicit diagrams”. This is untrue as the only diagrams in the article show the scientific anatomy of both male and female genitalia labelled correctly.

In an interview with Lifesite members of the organisation stated the article was “perverse and morally degenerate,” they go on to include, “Even more important are the spiritual ramifications. Sodomy is a sin against God.”

It’s clear that once again religious groups are targeting sex education on moral grounds. With the banner of “protect the children”, they are really promoting their own moralistic agenda. What’s more worrying is that the petition has gained so much support with over 25,000 signatures.

This goes in spite of the fact the founder believes that sex education is wrong, and targets the education on various points.

“You see some of this taking place in the more liberal approach to sex education in our schools, where they’re promoting ‘gender neutrality,’” President Donna Rice Hughes said. “Transgenderism, gender confusion, is transforming the culture, and there is a massive public backlash against anyone who says, ‘male is born male and female is born female’ and ‘that’s nature and God’s design is the truth.’

Many people believe that a magazine aimed at teens should not be discussing sexual topics. This makes no sense, as sex education is taught in school from an earlier age. The fact is, teenagers are interested in sex. Taking away safety information and guides on how to do it will not protect them. It will, in fact, do the opposite, as they will instead do it uninformed and therefore more likely to hurt themselves.

It’s true that sex education should be provided by parents and schools. But there’s nothing wrong with other media outlets also providing information. There is no safety in ignorance, and taking away information will only increase the dangers that teenagers face.

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