This is a new idea I’ve had for blog posts! I often get a lot of emails asking me for advice, often on girls and relationships but also from girls asking about fashion or skincare. Well I recently received a very sweet email from a guy who said he can’t tell when a girl wants to have sex with him, and was there anyway to make her want to have sex with him. I’m going to try and tackle that question today in this post!

Fundamentally we’re being asked two separate questions.

  1. How can I tell if a girl wants to have sex with me?
  2. How can I make a girl want to have sex with me?

These are two VERY different questions! In scenario 1, we’re pretty confident the girl already likes us, enough that she may or may not want to have sex. To answer, we would need to look at body language and little signs that might hint as to whether she wants to or not!

Scenario 2 however, we don’t know if the girl likes us or not. Rather we have a girl in mind with whom we’d really, really like to have sex with and would like to come up of ways to convince her she’d like it too!

So today I’m going to answer the first question.

How can I tell if a girl wants to have sex with me?

Often you can judge how close you and the girl are. Have you known each other a long time? Has she been flirtatious with you? Have you already kissed? Has she specifically told you that she likes you? Are you guys dating? These all sound like very simple and obvious questions, but the biggest factor in questions like these, is CONTEXT. It’s very dependent on what type of person you are, what type of person she is, and the relationship (of any kind) you already have with her. Now some guys can get a bit cocky, and maybe read a situation wrong. So ask yourself this, what are the chances that she really does want to have sex with you? If it’s over 70% then you’re good to go try your luck (In a responsible and tactical way)

Some signs that girls often give. (these are signs that I’ve noticed I myself give)

  • Staring at you. A lot. Especially your lips. This is actually very telling. Have you ever noticed, when you’re talking to someone, exactly how long at any time you can look them in the face? How much time during a conversation do you make eye contact and hold it, with someone? I’ve always found this very hard to do, so when I’m really interested in someone, I find myself staring at them a lot. There’s also something very erotic about maintaing eye contact.
  • Constantly touching you. Little things perhaps, such as if you guys are sitting next to each other and she is constantly holding onto your arm. If she plays with your fingers, or her feet rub your leg under the table. If she’s constantly making an effort to create physical contact between the two of you. Note that I’m using the word constantly! If she does it maybe one or two times throughout the entire night, it’s just an accident.
  • Makes jokes about having sex. This is something I think girls do a lot. Girls can be just like guys, you’re nervous when you like someone and you’re not sure if they like you back in the same way. So you make jokes about it. “Oh wouldn’t it be funny if we did x or y?” Awkward laugh. It’s a way of seeing their response, which if negative then you can just brush off as a joke, therefor protecting yourself. But even when disguised as a joke, it takes courage to get to that step. I think the best way of responding to that would be to take it as a serious question. Reply something along the lines of “Well what if I wanted to kiss you right now?” and don’t make it into a joke, say it seriously. The only way to respond to that, for the girl, is also to take you seriously, and saying yes or at least broaching the subject. Or to turn it back into a joke, which is her way of backing out of it. You can then go back to joking and take a step back. Maybe she’s having second thoughts?

But you know what? If you really think a girl is into you enough to want to have sex with you, and you really want to have sex with her, be a bit more confident. Be a bit more flirtatious, give HER signs that you may want something more. Or even talk about it. Not a sit down and serious talk, but just casually bring up that you find her super attractive. It sounds a bit full on, but girls like confidence, and it really is all about judging the chemistry and relationship between you too.