Millennials might get a lack of respect from older generations for being dreamers, jumping from job-to-job, leaving corporate life before they’re 40 to try and “live the dream” of starting their own company and for not getting married anymore. However, while all those are (probably) warranted, as a millennial myself, I need to crap all over our generation for this latest research that’s making its way around the Interwebs.

That’s because, as the title of this article says, a large amount of millennials are so strange that they actually prefer ordering things from Amazon over having sex — and my mind is devastated at my peers after hearing this news. The good news? At least not everyone that falls in that millennial age bracket would do the same, with the study showing that “only” 44 percent of millennials said they’d rather give up sex for a year over shopping on Amazon.

The research, which was done by the Max Borges Agency, wanted to figure out some spending habits of millennials in terms of e-commerce, with Amazon clearly being the focus of the study. After all, the Seattle-based company has redefine the entire market, going from an online bookstore to what it is today, which even includes drones delivering products to customers.

What other habits would millennials give up for a year over sex?

The company that put together the unique survey, the Max Borges Agency, polled 1,108 people from the ages of 18 to 34 who had bought some sort of consumer-tech product from Amazon over the past year. And, somewhat surprisingly, the tech giant didn’t just win over sex, as 77 percent of millennials said they’d give up alcohol for a year before giving up their Amazon spending habits.

Why is Amazon so big among millennials?

Look no further than current (and, most likely, future) shopping trends, where customers are buying more online than they are in stores. Evidence of that comes from valuations for companies, with Amazon’s market capitalization recently surpassing Apple’s, coming in at $865 billion. That means a lot of people are using the brand’s services.

Not only that, but with Amazon recently named America’s most beloved brand for the second year in a row, per Morning Consult’s annual report, it’s clear that millennials are ignoring some of the bad press the tech company has experienced in recent years. Giving up sex and booze in favor of shopping on Amazon is further proof of that.

What do these millennial results say about the state of sex?

It’s an interesting question, because, for all intents and purposes, the state of sex among millennials is alive and well. Of course, that little bit above about millennials not marrying and/or having kids is true, but casual sex between people seems to still be happening, so these results might be more about the participants than anything else.

That’s not to downplay what the information says — because it’s true based off of the subjects — but remember that the Max Borges Agency polled 1,108 people between the ages of 18 to 34 who had bought some sort of consumer-tech product from Amazon over the past year, not one who identifies as a millennial in general. For instance, if you asked 1,100 millennials, regardless of shopping habits, if they’d prefer sex and alcohol over shopping on Amazon, there’s a good chance they would say they did. Just a hunch.

Still, the information is really interesting, and it shows just how dependent we are on certain tech products, as well as how some millennials view sexual habits. But have no fear, people will continue to procreate.