“I’m going to pull on your balls now,” said Samantha, a confident French, tantric escort as she sat over me. I looked panicked and she burst out laughing. “Don’t worry! I don’t want to hurt you!” I’ve always wondered about tantric sex but have been too lazy to learn anything about it so meeting a tantric escort seemed an effortless way to try it out.

Working for HarrietSugarcookie.com has many awesome benefits. Chief among them is I have so many interesting friends.

Samantha is a sexy French, tantric escort in London. She’s charismatic and quirky. She has a Leeloo from The 5th Element vibe about her which is infectious.

We met on a dating site but never met in person due to distance. We became kind of pen-pals once we realised we work in a similar business.

There is always plenty of sexual tension between us. Samantha is obsessed with sex. It’s fair to say it’s her life. She is always attending classes and seminars, always experimenting to see what else she can get out of it.

The thing I find most fascinating about her approach is that sex is almost a kind of spiritual or therapeutic part of her life. And she’s made that her career too.

Fortunately I was in London and we agreed to finally meet up one evening after a very long day of work.

My tantric escort arrives

I was so tired after work I asked Samantha to meet at my apartment instead of going out for dinner. I was actually so tired I was worried about being too sleepy for sex.

When she arrived she was full of life and has such an amazing personality I forgot all about my tiredness very quickly.

We ordered food and I bombarded her with questions about tantric sex. What is it? How is it different? Do we actually have sex?

It seems there are no definite answers. My impression that there is a spiritual and traditional Hundu version and that that has many different modern variations. Some that strip away the hippie stuff and some that come with an extra helping of new age beliefs.

Thankfully the version Samantha practices loses all the religious element and encourages people to use straight-talking language complete with swearing. This made everything so much easier to follow and understand. There was nothing intimidating about it.

Take your clothes off

It was time to get started and the first step was to take my clothes off. I must admit, this was the first awkward moment for me. And, yes, I know it sounds stupid for someone that works in porn but just I’m not used to being naked in front of people.

I only normally get naked when I’m about to have sex with someone and that’s very different as you undress each other or together. And you’re already very turned on. This felt more like trying to undress in the locker room while a female teacher is present.

Samantha found this very funny and of course eventually I took my clothes off and laid face down on the bed as requested while she put on some chilled out music and took her own clothes off.

She then climbed on top of me and gave me a massage using lots of different techniques.

The thing that surprised me most of all is that it didn’t feel like a sexual experience. It felt more like simply getting a massage and it seems there is lots of crossover between massage and tantric sex.

It was the perfect time for it. The massage was incredibly good; incredibly relaxing. But there was something more. Samantha was naked too and that made the whole experience more intimate.

It wasn’t how I’d imagine a professional massage at a health spa. It was sensual and felt like it was filled with love. It was like getting a massage from a girlfriend, only better because she is a professional.

I’m not sure how long this went on for but I enjoyed every second. Sometimes we chatted casually and sometimes I just melted away and let my mind go black. It made me feel so good. And we were just getting started.

“Roll over. I want to massage your front now,” said my wonderful tantric escort Samantha. So I rolled over and she started to massage the front of me. Mostly my stomach and chest area to begin with. Personally I did not find this as relaxing or intimate. I felt uncomfortable face to face with her and just doing my best impression of a log.

It only got more awkward from there. The next area to be massaged was my penis. Throughout the massage Samantha communicated to me what she was doing or was about to do. I know the purpose to keep me relaxed. But when someone says that they are about to stretch your penis or start pulling on your balls, my instinct is to get ready to jump up!

I went along with things to be open-minded. And it wasn’t as bad as I feared. The penis massage or stretching was nice but strangely not erotic. It was such an unusual sensation to be touched there by a girl and for it not to feel like a sexual thing.

The scariest bit was a series of three different testicle massages. The first was simply a massage. I was very tense as the massage feels that with just a tiny amount of extra pressure, it could hurt. Next was the one the shocked me. Samantha told me she was going to pull on each testicle until it began to hurt.

It doesn’t sound good, does it? Well actually it was OK. The surprising thing about this was that my balls actually felt better. I’m not sure if testicles can become tense or stressed but they definitely felt more relaxed after this.

The third massage just wasn’t for me. It involved tapping on the testicles and I just didn’t like the feeling.

The final part of my tantric sex experience was a lot more sexual. Samantha began to give me a handjob. Everything was so sensual. Her hands are gifted and she uses her entire body to touch me. It was the most erotic part of the massage. And it was about to get more intense.

If you do any amount of googling on tantric escorts you will find that anal or prostate massages seem to be the big part of it. Samantha was pleased I was willing to try it.

She just used her finger and it felt interesting. It took some time to find my prostate and I don’t really know how to describe my feelings on it. It felt interesting. It was a new sensation and it’s hard to say if I like it or not. It was a new sensation.

I don’t believe I had an orgasm but we did keep going until I really needed to pee. So maybe I was close to that point.


The prostate massage was the finale for this part of the evening, the part where I got to be selfish and she completely spoiled me with attention. Afterwards Samantha talked about the healing properties of tantric sex and massage. I’m not a believer in alternative medicine but I would say that I could see how it may have strong positive effects mentally and physically.

The whole process took between 90 mins and two hours. And I felt amazing afterwards. It lifted me up so high. Feeling that good must have an impact on health. Even if it’s just the placebo effect it’s definitely worth it in my opinion.

Tantric escorts vs normal escorts?

I have never booked an escort. It’s not something that appeals to me. But after this experience I would definitely consider booking a tantric escort (or seeing my friend Samatha as often as possible!)

I think the reason that an regular escort doesn’t appeal to me is that it’s nothing special. It’s just impersonal sex that I can have fairly easily if I put some effort in and talk to girls or go on Tinder.

So if I’m going to pay for sex I’d like it to be something special. And when you think of the years of experience and all the training she has had to complete to become a highly skilled tantric escort, it actually makes the price seem very much worth it.

Seeing a tantric escort and getting a taste of tantric sex has definitely inspired me. It’s something I want to explore more in my private life. Some of the things involved can feel a bit strange at first but it’s important to try new things so I’d highly recommend you try booking a tantric escort and see if you like it.