It’s no secret that we’ve all got sexual fantasies, no matter how big, small or indifferent as they might be. From those who love being tied up or being spanked, to something simple like having sex in a public space, there’s probably been a time where you’ve asked yourself why you’re into what you are sexually.

Regardless of what your sexual fantasy actually is, remember that, as long as you communicate it and have consent, you should experience them. After all, fantasies aren’t weird, they’re just a change of pace from the norm.

With all that said, as you might imagine, your personality is a contributing factor when it comes to determining said sexual fantasies. Since we’re interested in seeing how they influence one another, we’re giving you some details, because it’s pretty wild how they impact each other.

If you’re introverted

Most people who identify as introverted tend to stick to a comfortable routine everyday and refuse to really put themselves out there. That’s fine, obviously, and, when it comes to your sexual fantasies, it tends to be a similar thought process. That’s because introverts don’t seem to be interested in imagining sex with lots of people, but rather focus on intimacy and passion with just one.

If you’re extroverted

Contrary to introverts, extroverted people are more likely to fantasize about sex with a group, a variety of different people and non-monogamy sex. In their own minds, they like to experience as much as possible, which leads to being praised for their performance in the bedroom. Additionally, extroverts’ sexual fantasies involve trying as many new things as possible, unafraid of social taboos.

If you’re detail conscious

For those who identify as being very much into details, sexual fantasies seem to reflect on specific settings rather than really experimenting with different spots or positions. That may be because they seem to conform to what’s socially acceptable, avoiding things like role play, BDSM or public sex. They may also be more into planning sex and really pleasing their partner more than caring about their own satisfaction all the time.

If you’re agreeable

Sexual fantasies for agreeable people reflect their everyday personalities in a similar way, as these types are kind and considerate. That leads to things that are safer in the bedroom, like sex in a bedroom more frequently than in a random or spontaneous spot. Agreeable people also tend to lean toward the conservative in terms of sex, avoiding instances where they’re unsure whether their partner is enjoying what sexual activity they’re doing together.

If you’re emotionally unstable

We won’t go as far as saying emotionally unstable people are the “crazy” type, but it’s hard not to have that be one of the first things that pop into our minds. After all, sex with a so-called crazy girl is better, per experts, and there’s kind of a good reason for that — because their sexual fantasies seem to be pretty wild. While these types of people have fewer thoughts of group sex, they do have interest in sex with various partners in all types of positions. Whether good or bad, emotionally unstable people worry about their performance and how good things felt for their partner, which may be because of their insecurities. This also leads to them experimenting with different positions and untraditional places.