There are plenty of kinky sex suggestions that are fun to try out, but one of our personal favorite is getting down and dirty with a little adventure involved. That’s why public sex spots like a beach, the back of a car and, yep, even a bar bathroom are hot AF to us!

Now, when looking for public sex spots, it can be tricky. After all, that adventure we mentioned above is just another way of saying there’s risk in doing it in public, with a higher possibility of getting busted my a cop or someone who doesn’t agree with you having fun from anywhere you want.

That said, public sex happens, and, when it does, we want you to know the top spots for it to be the best. So take some of the public sex spots below and add them to your “to-do” list, because they’ll absolutely leave you and your partner itching to step out of your comfort zone a bit.

High school football field

There’s just something about going back to where you were a kid and having sex, isn’t there? We’re not saying you should do it while anyone else is there — although that would be super risky — but, instead, maybe drive a girlfriend past your old high school when back in your hometown after a quiet night out. Take her to the 50-yard line and go at it.

A boat

There’s a reason why so many girls are impressed by boats, so, you know, if you can have sex on one, that’s bound to make her want to jump on that thing even more often. Whether that means doing it while a whole bunch of drunken people are on the top deck while you’re below deck, or you’re on a big cruise ship, doing it on a boat is one of the most classic public sex spots ever.

During a hike

We’re not sure why, but running around naked in the woods is fun to us. Maybe it’s because we’re paying some sort of homage to our ancestors or something, or just feel like there’s more risk of being caught or being watched from someone nearby? Whatever the reason, public sex on a hike is hot, and it’s something that everyone will be able to enjoy, surrounded by nature.


As someone who has had sex on a balcony quite a few times, we can vouch for how much fun it is. It’s thrilling to be out in a public spot, humping and moaning while other people can, probably, see the two of you getting it on. Added points for those sexual freaks out there who know someone else is watching, doesn’t care and actually poses for them to let them know you know they’re watching.

An abandoned building

Abandoned buildings are a little creepy, with the unknown living there and tales of whatever previously occupied that area. But that just makes it a top public sex spot, and you and your partner should take advantage of that. We imagine walking home from the bar together and stumbling into a building under construction, finding a dark corner to rip each other’s clothes off and go to town. Yeah, that’s hot!

Your office desk

It’s not the most private sex spot because it’s in an office that’s, presumably, vacant, but doing it on your office desk is super adventurous! Even if you go in on a Saturday or Sunday when no one’s around, there’s still that worry in the back of your mind that someone could walk in and catch you. What would that mean? Public embarrassment? Awkwardness? You losing your job? That unknown answer is why your desk should absolutely be an option — and it’ll be hot going to work on Monday knowing you banged there a few days ago.