Drunk sex isn’t the preferred situation to be in, but, hey, it’s probably happened to all of us plenty of times before. And, if it does happen, it can end up being pretty glorious, as the alcohol can help ease tension and/or anxiety about premature ejaculation, while also leading you and your partner to expand your sexual boundaries a little bit more.

While we’ve all heard of whiskey dick before — which is the perceived notion that too much whiskey leads to the inability to getting an erection — we wanted to answer a question that many guys have probably thought about before: how does beer impact sexual performance?

Many guys may think that beer would diminish their bedroom skills, but is that really the truth? We dug into some research to find some answers, finding that there are both positive and negative effects from drunk sex.

Pro: Dark beer can increase your horniness

Yep, believe it or not, what color beer you drink may impact your mood for sex. Apparently, darker beers contain more iron than those with lighter colors, which increases both red blood cells and blood circulation. These are two major contributors to erections, meaning that Guinness you’re sipping on may help you feel hornier!

Con: Your performance may suffer

Naturally, when you’re drunker, you may become sloppier during sex. That doesn’t mean that you won’t last longer (as we’ll point out below), but it may not be as much of an emotional connection during drunk sex, leading to more plowing and less soft touch or foreplay.

Pro: Yep, it makes you last longer

Hey, as we pointed out above, because alcohol can help reduce anxiousness and stress related to premature ejaculation by numbing your brain, so to speak, drunk sex often lasts longer than when you’re sober. Thanks to the phytoestrogens found in beer, men may not ejaculate as quickly, but, on the negative side, girls may not orgasm as quickly either, which can be frustrating for both guys and girls.

Con: You may have problems getting an erection

Whiskey dick is a very real problem, and, when it comes to drunk sex, having too much beer (or any alcohol, for that matter), can lead to problems getting and keeping an erection. There’s a fine balance between being responsible and getting the perfect amount to positively impact your sex life and overdoing it, so make sure you know your limits so not to feel sluggish before getting down and dirty after a night of boozing.

Pro: Your stamina can be positively impacted

According to research from Italy’s Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura, per AskMen, guys who had a pint of beer each day were 31 percent less likely to suffer from heart issues, which is the latest proof that beer can help your heart function more properly. When combined with regular exercise, this can lead to better stamina. So, while the beer isn’t the main reason for a healthy heart, it can help when you’re thrusting away for a long period of time.