There are a lot of attractive things that guys do for girls that they’re not even aware of. In fact, if you asked a bunch of girls what they like most about their man, you might find that it’s the little things that matter most, when their guy doesn’t over-think things and is just himself.

While we put together a list of unattractive things that guys need to stop doing a few days ago, we turned to Reddit to see some of the attractive things that girls enjoy their man doing the most, even though he may be a little bit embarrassed of. Hey, we’ve all been there before, when we think it’s stupid how we have a little tick with our facial expressions or how we might get an erection too early on during foreplay, but, hey, some girls actually find that kind of stuff endearing.

So, rather than worry about how to try and be perfect all the time, take some of these Reddit answers as reasons why you’re totally cool just being yourself, because that’s what girls want the most anyway, fellas.

“I find guys with bags under their eyes weirdly super attractive.”


“Nerding out about something. There’s nothing more attractive than being passionate about a hobby or ideal. An opportunity to learn somethimg new is hot. (Obviously a common thread needs to be shared).”


“Sex noises/moans/maybe even some dirty talk. Just because you can be quiet doesn’t mean you should. Its a turn on, definitely.”


“Honestly, there is nothing hotter than a guy who moans when I’m doing something right or who swears under their breath when I do something really right. I wanna know that this guy is enjoying this as much as I am.”


“Imperfections can be attractive because they’re unique to that person. So if I find someone attractive on an emotional level I’ll find a lot of their “imperfections” attractive too.”


“Not making a lot of money but showing an incredible work ethic. My husband made $9/hr when I met him but he does everything with such dilligence and precision that I knew he and I were a match. I luckily got a degree that earns well so I am the primary breadwinner and he is now a stay at home dad. His attention to details keeps our house running and I am able to see his strengths outside of his earning potential. That’s the great thing about our more progressive society, we can ignore tradition and do what makes us happy.”


“A genuine personality. To clarify, a guy who will always be them self, strange quirks and all, over acting or saying what they think will catch my interest. I’d rather develop a fun dynamic connection before anything more.”


“I really don’t mind awkwardness, and prefer it over someone who’s brash and loud.”


“I find it really attractive when they have very put-together domestic lives. doing their own laundry and ironing their clothes, planning meals and grocery shopping, and keeping their homes reasonably tidy are all ridiculously sexy. also, having feminine interests and not feeling like less of a man!”


“Lack of experience. Guys who didn’t have a lot of partners (I don’t like guys who brag about how many women they had in their bed).”

So, now that you know about some attractive things that most men might be embarrassed by, do you feel better about yourself? We certainly hope so, because nobody is perfect, so it’s worthwhile being yourself and having the ability to laugh at all the stupid stuff that makes you unique in the first place. Hopefully you find a girl who appreciates that kind of stuff and is confident to be herself for you, too.

To see the full thread, which has some other incredible replies to the question, head on over to Reddit. Hey, if nothing else, we hope these things make you laugh a little bit, even if they don’t apply to you.