Although we’ve given you tips on how to get a better sleep each night, which is something we could all probably use, something that people struggle with is knowing how to stay awake at night.

Sure, avoiding passing out and actually staying awake isn’t something that we always want to do, but there are some situations when it’s necessary — like when you’re traveling and need to catch a flight, or when you’re trying to scrape up enough inner energy to actually be productive when doing some late-night work. For the people who just can’t seem to master this skill, we’re here for you.

Rather than down a bunch of coffee or energy drinks to wake your ass up, we’re giving you a few healthier tips to stay awake at night, which will serve you well in those rare situations when you need to.

Exercise to get your blood flowing

Exercising might be important for physical health, but, yep, it’s just as critical for your mental wellness, too! When you exercise, you get your blood flowing and wake yourself up. Sure, you may feel tired afterwards, depending on the strenuous activities you just did, but, while working out, there’s a good chance your mind will block out any sleepiness.

Some suggestions for staying awake via exercise are things like squats, high knees, lunges or simply walking around inside or outside. Getting some cardio will make your heart beat a little bit faster, helping you from passing out.

Get some fresh air

There’s a reason why your mind and body always seems to feel a little bit more alive when you’re outside and breathing in some fresh air. That’s because the sun provides a natural source of vitamin D, which is essential to getting your body to function properly — yes, even during the winter when it’s less prominent. The sun also helps regulate your circadian rhythm.

If it’s night out and the sun is set, just getting outside and breathing some fresh air is good to get your blood circulating and, more so, relieves your eyes from staring at a phone, TV or computer screen, which can lead to increased fatigue.


Distraction is the name of the game here, guys, so one of the best ways to stay awake at night might be as simple as picking up the phone and calling one of your best buddies. Sure, you might sound super tired and struggling with the words that are coming out of your mouth, but talking to avoid sleep is an easy way to get your mind stimulated and wake you up.

Eat something healthy or chew gum

We all know food comas are real AF. After eating a hearty meal for dinner that’s full of carbs or tryptophan, you might find yourself about to pass out while watching TV within 30 minutes of consuming. How can you help stave off such a feeling? Easy, eat healthier foods.

Things like avocados, almonds and leafy greens can help boost your energy, keeping you more alert and avoiding that sleepy feeling for a little bit longer. They won’t make you feel like you’re ready to tackle a marathon or anything, but they can provide vitamins and nutrients to at least keep your eyes from shutting.

Drink water and other hydrating drinks

Your muscles need to stay lubricated throughout the day, which is why drinking lots of water is so important regardless of your sleepiness level. But, when you’re trying to stave off tiredness, turning to liquids like water and things like Gatorade can be helpful.

The hydration will help your muscles keep from feeling fatigued, including that big muscle in your head, your brain, which will lead to more alertness. Likewise, it will keep your entire body fueled like gasoline provides a car, so staying awake at night can be as simple as just staying hydrated.