We all have personality traits that make us unique and, you know, us, which should leave us unapologetic to anyone about how we act or why we speak a certain way. That said, there are certain traits that identify as being more important when it comes to relationships.

While searching for a partner, we all value certain things, hoping to find someone who checks off the proverbial boxes more than anyone else and, in the end, carrying the personality traits we like the most. That can be easier said than done, though.

However, since both guys and girls are constantly looking for that perfect somebody, we figured it’d be good to share some of the key personality traits that girls look for the most before dating guys. They may not be things that you’re great at, but, with a little shift in your mentality and consistent learning, you can adapt yourself to display these and become the best version of yourself.


Forget that whole thing about bad boys being more attractive to girls, because, deep down, ladies want a guy who’s going to treat them kindly. In fact, about 67 percent of girls said that this personality traits turned them on, saying that it inspired confidence because it’s putting someone else’s needs before your own. That’s important, and isn’t overlooked — even if it’s not often how much she appreciates it.


Is anyone really that surprised that honesty is on the list of important personality traits that girls want in guys? If so, you’ve got a lot to learn, because this is one of the most critical signs of a healthy relationship. It may not be brain surgery, but people still struggle with the simple task of just telling the truth, avoiding doing so to make themselves look better or protect their opinion. Guys, it’s not that difficult, be honest with your girl and she’ll trust you more, which will only make the entire relationship stronger.


Much like honesty, faithfulness is an important personality trait that guys need to put on display. That means that, even when she’s not around, you’re aware of your surroundings and where the line is, making sure you don’t do anything to make her question her trust in you. She wants to know that she’s the sexiest person on the planet to you, and reminding her through words is one thing, but putting it into action by staying faithful is even more important.


About 46 percent of girls believe that a guy who displays passion is sexy, so don’t hold back your excitement for hobbies or work or family and/or friends. Think about it, there’s a reason why that “whoa is me” buddy of yours seems to always stay single, and it’s because he can’t appreciate and focus on the passions that truly make him happy. When a girl sees her guy get excited about things, and truly put his energy into them, she’s going to feel that and be even more attracted to him.


Shocking, right? Hope not, because confidence is the personality trait that, since all of us were younger, we’ve been told girls are most attracted to. A guy who’s comfortable in his own skin isn’t just sexy because he doesn’t give a damn about others’ opinions, but his self-security makes a woman feel more secure, too. When a guy can handle any situation by being confident and not get frazzled or be fearful, it’s a major turn on for girls — and acts as a reassurance that her man is protecting her at the same time.