Sex robots have long been talked about as the next wave of great sex toys. Hell, they’re even more accepted than ever — as we recently pointed out, with four in 10 participants in a study about having sex with one saying that they’d be down to try it once.

And, with all the talk about artificial intelligence on the verge of taking over our economy by replacing humans with robots, guess what, our bedrooms might be experiencing the exact same thing! That’s according to a recent New York Post article that outlines a number of different tech companies which have developed sex robots with human-functioning ability.

The whole sex robots trend is no longer looked at as taboo, either, with longtime journalist Katie Couric even reporting on some of the artificially intelligent sex robots in a series for National Geographic called “America Inside Out.” Couric, who is best-known for primetime news roles on the Today show and anchoring the CBS Evening News, did such a great job showcasing the ability of some of these A.I. sex robots that she even interviewed one for the aforementioned series. Take a look.


Although sex robots are being more and more accepted in our culture, that doesn’t mean they’re cheap alternatives to sex with a real person. In fact, per the New York Post piece, many of the models available will set someone back as much as $20,000, with most of them falling into the range of $3,000-to-$4,200. Unsurprisingly, the biggest consumers are men between the age of 40 and 50.

The New York Post piece also outlines the relationship of a Japanese man named Chen who has a relationship with his smart sex doll. It’s interesting to see how he develops real feelings for the sex robot, as well as carries on conversations with it. It’s very similar to the movie from several years ago, Her, which shows Joaquin Phoenix doing something similar to an artificially intelligent model.

Available in various shapes, sizes and ethnic backgrounds, these artificially intelligent sex dolls are as close to a human being as one can imagine. And, thanks to technology, they could soon replace people in the bedroom more often.

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(H/T New York Post)