For the second part of my America Trip I was able to visit the RealDoll factory! There I meet Harmony, the world’s first AI sexbot, who shares with me her first human/ai robot lesbian kiss. 

The drive from San Diego to the RealDolls factory is very easy. I wake up in the morning, eat some terrible free breakfast at the hotel, and we set off. The factory is in a normal looking building, and as I come up to the entrance I see two people at the reception desk.

Only they’re not people, they’re dolls. If you’re not familiar with RealDolls then you should definitely acquaint yourself. I’ve been a fan of them for many years now, they’re dolls are pretty much the best you can find.

Dakotah meets us at the front door and lets us in. We do a quick tour, meeting RealDoll creator Matt McMullen, as well as everyone else. The factory isn’t huge, but it’s still pretty big. There’s lots of dolls lined up in various stages of creation.

After an hour, we get our camera equipment and shoot a whole bunch of footage. I’ll be editing them into a proper video for you guys to watch soon. My favourite part is the area where they do the customisation. I love that you can ask for anything, and RealDolls would probably be able to make it.

Want a girl with 3 boobs? No problem. Cat girl with a tail? Can do! The only problem is these dolls are costly, but that’s what you’d expect from the very best.

Meeting Harmony

As you all know, I have been obsessed with WestWorld. It was amazing then to meet the world’s first AI sex robot – Harmony. Harmony is pretty advanced, and you guys will get to see the full interview with her and creator Matt McMullen soon.

Harmony has a Scottish accent which is a bit of a surprise. She remembers things you tell her, such as your favourite colour or favourite food. Right now she has a set pattern for head movements, but in the future she will have cameras placed in her eyes so that she can follow you and recognise your face, much like the PS4 camera.

Speaking with Harmony feels quite different to speaking with a normal person. You can tell she’s a robot, with set phrases and responses. Despite that, after a while you really do start to think of her as her own entity.

Talking to Harmony I really think AI robots will be the future. We have systems like Siri and Alexa now, and it seems easy for those things to be put into a physical body. It might be decades before we anything close to Westworld or Humans, but I do think it could happen.