I am currently in San Diego, the second part of my America trip. My first week in America has just been super intense with work, so I’m counting this as the start of the road trip blogging. Video to come, as it takes a bit longer to edit them.

Phoenix was a fantastic place to be. I actually stayed in Tempe, a town that is dominated by college life as it’s where one Arizona State University’s campuses can be found. Although I wasn’t able to explore too much of Tempe, I loved everything I did get to see.

The night we landed, the weather was so hot. The air super humid. Perfect summer weather. However the weather turned cooler for the days afterwards, and I didn’t get that amazing heat again. By the weekend it was good though.

Phoenix Forum itself was very busy. A sort of intense business conference that had crazy parties in the evening. Work hard, play hard, type deal. I met some of the most amazing, friendliest, most helpful people in the industry yet. For work, it was truly the best experience.

I’m going to gloss over most of this week though, as it’s just work related. I did get to eat some pretty good food however! I even saw the kitchen of a old Chicago style steak restaurant!

Driving from Phoenix to San Diego

Road trips are lots of fun. Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions on things to check out for the trip. I did go to Dateland, which was super confusing. The area is basically the desert, and I was expecting something like Disneyland.

Dateland is famous for it’s date shakes, and I did try one. You guys will get to see me try it on video as soon as I get around to editing all the footage. I don’t like eating dates, but it was a really good shake. Very sweet, so perfect for those of you who have a sweet tooth!

I drove past the Yuma Sand Dunes, but as the sun was practically set, I couldn’t really stop to take photos. They did look majestic however. I hope to get the chance to see them again in the future.

We set off fairly late, and arrived in San Diego at about 11pm. It was straight to sleep, after a very long and tiring day of driving.

San Diego

San Diego is so beautiful. I’m staying close to one of the harbours. It doesn’t smell salty like the sea. The weather is good, and everyone that I have met so far has been really ultra friendly. I’m actually disappointed that I only get one day here, as I would love to see more of San Diego.

To start the day, I walk along the docks looking at boats. For lunch I had this amazing cheese dip with garlic bread. Possibly one of my favourite dishes I’ve eaten in America yet!


Then I had a nap, because I was still super tired from the previous week. In the afternoon I visited San Diego Zoo. I had so many suggestions as to what animals to see. It’s a lovely zoo, and you can get really close to the animals.

The big cats such as the tigers and snow leopards were really beautiful. I also loved seeing Pandas for the first time. The zoo is currently under construction so they didn’t have their red panda exhibition which I was really looking forward to, however I bought a little red panda plushie.

harriet and the hippo

For dinner I visited Sushi Ota. 3 different people recommended it for me on twitter! It was everything you guys told me it would be. The fish was so fresh. The chefs are also super friendly and joke around a lot.

There was a lot of sushi eaten. I tried sea urchin for the first time! Not sure if I like it or not yet… but it’s not bad. The oysters I had were the best I’ve ever tasted.

Sushi is life #sushi #eatme #rawfishisbestfish

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I ate so well today. Enough to feel as if my belly will explode any moment. Thank you San Diego for being so awesome, I hope to come back and visit you again soon.