There is something about having sex on a plane that people go crazy about. The term “Mile High Club” was conned back in 1916. Here’s an easy guide on how to join the Mile High Club. 

Today I ask people Twitter if they have ever had sex on a plane, or if they want to. Only 15% have, whilst 44% want to. In a follow up question, I ask which mode of transport people would most want to have sex on. Out of plane, train, bus and car the plane won with 34% of the votes.

Picking the time and place

One of the most important things to consider when joining the Mile High Club is the flight you want to do it on. Different flights have different chances of success. Firstly, you’ll want to pick a redeye flight. Flights that run overnight are going to be easier to get frisky on, as most of the passengers will be sleeping. The cabin lights are dimmed down and the flight attendants take turns on the shift whilst others nap. This means you have a higher chance of not being caught by fellow passengers or flight attendants.

Secondly you’ll want to try and book a big plane, in business or first class if you can afford it. Airplane bathrooms are the easiest place to get your groove on, however they’re not known for their accommodating size. Business and first class generally have slightly nicer bathrooms, with some being downright decadent.

Finding a partner

The most obvious answer is to plan ahead with a partner you’re already seeing. It’s fun to think of a sexy rendezvous as spontaneous but for the best chance of success it should be planned ahead.

If your partner is works in an airline company you’ll have a higher chance of succeeding as well. Many flight attendants and pilots have admitted to having sex on a plane. If you work for an airline company you’re also more likely to get a free upgrade, which helps you get access to those sweet VIP bathrooms.

For everyone else there is a new app called AirDates which is a dating app targeted at people on flights. The dating app lets you search for people on your flight to message with. You’ll also be able to find other frequent fliers to meet up with.

Getting Caught

There’s always going to be a chance that you get caught trying to have sex on a plane. For one thing, it’s against the rules to do. If another passenger notices something suspicious they will probably tell the flight attendant. Flight attendants themselves are also trained to look out for these activities.

The situation might feel very embarrassing. Just play it cool. You’re not the first person to try it, and the flight attendants themselves don’t want to draw attention to you. It’s best to just say sorry and watch an inflight film.

Finally, don’t try sneaking a blowjob or handjob under a blanket in your seat. It looks super obvious, you will make noise and anyone could turn around and see you.

Risk Free Plane rental

If you really want to tick having sex in a plane off your bucket list without the risk, you can rent an aircraft. In fact there are several companies that let you hire planes specifically with this in mind. Pilots and staff are told to be discreet and you’ll be left to yourself on a plane that’s probably decked out with a bed. There are lots of companies out there to chose from, such as Lovecloud based in Vegas.