If there’s one thing we probably all look forward to every single night, it’s sleep. There are just few things in this world more satisfying than getting a good night’s rest, when you wake up feeling refreshed in the morning and alert to your surroundings. It’s even better when you’re sharing a bed with someone and you’re able to cuddle up on them; and, OK, maybe get a little action, too.

But have you ever wondered what your sleep position actually says about your sex life? Maybe, but probably not. After all, it’s not as if it’s one of those things that often comes up in conversation or crosses your mind, but it’s still pretty interesting to think about.

For instance, ever since I was younger, I always slept on my side. Like, I couldn’t fall asleep unless I was laying on my left side. Out of nowhere, though, I transitioned to a back sleeper, which I’ve done ever since I’ve been an adult. What’s it all mean? I tracked down some info from AskMen, who spoke with a few experts to reveal some interesting things about what your sleep position trull means about your sex life.

The experts broke down some common sleep positions and identified things that they may say about you and your partner. Man, they’ll do research on anything these days, won’t they? Hey, it’s pretty cool.

Sleep position: Spooning

One of the most common sleep positions, spooning is one that plenty of couples often find themselves in each night. It’s one that requires a lot of intimacy and an emotional connection, with the designated “big spoon” often acting as the protector to his or her partner in bed.

According to Sarah Brown a sleep and wellness expert with Mattress Firm, via AskMen, spooning is often a sleep position new relationships like to experience.

“It’s more common in new relationships because people tend to gain more independence the longer the stay in a relationship. This is not for a selfish sleep style like the starfish or a stiff one like the soldier.”

So, if you pay close attention to the first few times you may sleep with a new fling or girlfriend, there’s a good chance you’re spooning with her for this very reason.

Sleep position: The Loose Spoon

Similar to the full-fledged spoon above, the loose spoon still requires the same protective feeling when designated as the big spoon, but it’s a little less intense, allowing more freedom when sleeping together.

Said Sarah Brown of Mattress Firm, via AskMen:

“The trust is still required for this position but for couples who are a little more mature, it offers a better night’s sleep.”

Since you’re more comfortable with one another and there’s less anxiety about showing your partner affection, the loose spoon often comes into play more, or some variety of it.

Sleep position: The Chasing Spoon

If you’ve ever felt like your girl is trying to get some space while the two of you are sleeping — but you’re both still trying to spoon — then you’re familiar with the chasing spoon. As people toss and turn in their sleep, it’s natural to drift a little bit, so don’t think she’s intentionally ignoring you. Still, the position itself could be a sign of what’s happening in your relationship, warns Mattress Firm’s Sarah Brown.

“This could mean that they need more space in the relationship or that their needs aren’t being met.”

It’s not a huge warning sign, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on, that’s for sure.

Sleep position: The Face Off

If we’re being completely honest with ourselves, a sleep position that isn’t too popular is the face off. That’s because it’s two people basically sleeping cheek to cheek, with legs intertwined and both partners basically breathing on each other. Yeah, kind of sounds awful, right?

While the position might not be all that routine for couples, it’s still one that is supposed to show a physical connection that tells your partner you love them.

However, according to Mark Quinn, cofounder of Herobed, as relationships get more serious, a less invasive sleep position may be desired, while stilling saying, “I love you, honey” to the other person.

Sleep position: The Nuzzle

As a guy, the nuzzle is a sleeping position that probable makes you feel dominant and the man of the house, so to speak. That’s because it involves your girl sleeping with her head on your chest and wrapping her legs around yours — which signifies she’s trusting you with her protection.

Added Sarah Brown:

“When one person sleeps with their head on the chest of their partner and entangles their legs this is another protective and trusting sleep position similar to the spoon.”

So what’s this mean for you and your sex life? Probably that there’s a real passion and romance in the relationship, so that’s a very, very good sign.

Sleep position: Butt to Butt

Unsurprisingly, when you’re turning your back on a girlfriend or wife, it usually means you two are in some sort of disagreement. And, whether you know it or not, your sleep position reflects this, according to experts.

Said Mark Quinn cofounder of Herobed, per AskMen:

“You can turn your back on your mate in a show of defiance, but make sure you are touching in even the smallest way just to let them know the love is still alive.”

So, while you may think that you’ve found a resolution to a problem or disagreement, if you’re sleep position is butt to butt, there’s a good sign that you’re still both at odds about something.