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These past few weeks I’ve been American, for both the Xbiz Awards as well as the AVNs. I decided to treat myself to a mini Holiday in San Francisco and it’s been an absolute blast. 

I arrived in San Francisco a little worse for wear. Both Xbiz and AVNs are conferences/ conventions and I was struck down with conference flu in my second week. My first few days in San Francisco wasn’t really much of a holiday, more like “get healthy ASAP “. Lots of bed rest, water and some medicine.

Luckily, I’ve recovered in time to enjoy the latter end of my week vacation. Since I’ve visited San Francisco before, I thought I would take it more casually this time.

For my first healthy day, I decided to just walk around. In Budapest, that’s really easy to do. San Francisco, however, is a little bit bigger than Budapest. There are cable cars and busses that you can use luckily.

I first decided to just walk around my local surroundings. A lot of people think America and England are similar because we share a common language and history, sort of. That being said, life in America is very different to life in England and it’s certainly different to life in Budapest!


The little things

One of the reasons I wanted to just walk around where I’m staying as opposed to jumping in on sightseeing, is being I enjoy observing the little differences. Culture is different everywhere and if you have the time to immerse yourself in it, it’s great.

I enjoy playing “spot the difference” between what’s here in America, and what I get back in England. For instance, convenience stores are fascinating to me. There are a lot around here, with a higher saturation than I’m used to.

I like going in and seeing all the everyday things you can buy. Culture-wise, Americans and Englishmen have the same convenience store needs. Snacks, beer, limited amounts of groceries, energy drinks and cigarettes.

In America, people seem to really like their ice cream. So far, everywhere I’ve been has had a huge selection of ice cream. Mostly pint tubs, ranging in brands and flavours. Some I recognise, such as Ben & Jerry’s, others I’ve never seen before. I bought myself one that was “birthday cake” flavoured, complete with sprinkles.

There were other things I was excited to see as well. Tins of Campbell’s soup, which I only knew from Warhol’s famous painting, famed Lucky Charms my American friends in England have often told me they missed, and I also ate a Twinkie after seeing it glorified in Zombieland.

Pokemon Go

Another reason I’ve walked a lot whilst here is to play Pokemon Go. I know, that’s so 2016. Normally I don’t play it much, maybe opening it up if I’m standing around waiting for something. However, something made me open it up and it was exciting to explore the city via looking for Pokemon I wanted to catch.

I’m pretty behind on it, I never even got 70% of the first gen pokemon, and now we’re onto gen 3 I think? It’s been great sort of reliving that excitement the game originally brought in it’s initial release.

There’s also a lot more Pokemon, stops and gyms here. I’ve been hoping to get in on a legendary raid, but so far it hasn’t crossed my path.

The Touristy stuff

Ok I did get around to doing some touristy stuff. I visited Fisherman’s Wharf, which  reminds me of any seaside town front. It even smelled like fish and chips! There was an old coin-operated arcade which was both fun and educational. I looked out for seals but didn’t manage to see any.

Many people suggested I visit Alcatraz. I didn’t have time, but I did look at it from a distance. There was also a cable car ride that I looked at, and a very famous chocolate shop called Ghirardelli that I ate a lot of free samples from.

Because the weather has been so nice, I was also able to visit Dolores Park. The park is fairly small and in a more residential area. It’s beautiful and has lovely views of the city. There’s also some really good ice-cream at the bottom.

I went to see Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve seen it before, but it’s probably my favourite thing in San Francisco. The bridge itself is so impressive. A lot bigger than I imagine, the red against a backdrop of blue ocean and green hills is always stunning.

I also briefly saw the painted ladies, a row of brightly coloured houses. For lunch, I sampled things from a Farmer’s Market in the Ferry Building.

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  • eward0f

    Getting sick on vacation sucks!

  • Lionilk

    hi harriet, why don’t have your new video ? like cosplay or hardcore? i miss your video

  • milliondollamills

    Welcome to the Bay Area!!!

  • You missed out on Starfleet Academy and the many star trek sightseeing tours, the Aquarium, and of course the better/original of the California Chinatowns.

  • BarryMeps

    Nowhere in the World is a match for England, You need to get your sexy arse back here, unless your going back to Hungary to make a lot more porn then i’ll excuse you!!

  • Rocky

    Glad to hear you enjoyed visiting SF. We did have a lucky streak of weather lately. San Francisco has a lot to offer, the key is knowing where to look, not all the best things are sightseeing spots. As a tourist, or even resident, people like the seals, as a boat owner I hate them. I own a slip that I can’t use because the seals have taken over. It’s illegal to move them so I can’t bring my boat back home without risking a citation. People watch 24/7 to make sure they’re safe, I know because I tried to sneak in at night and use an air horn to scare them out of the way. First off, they’re so use to people they don’t care, secondly the police we’re on me in a heart beat.

    San Francisco is also the number 1 spoofing spot for Pokémon go, if you find a legendary raid you can hop in, 99% of the time you’ll be part of a group of 20, even though you’re the only one there. It’s still played by so many people here, I run a couple groups that are full of people who play.

    I’m really disappointed I missed the AVN this year, I bought my tickets last October but forgot and was in Japan at the time.


  • fhujalt

    It was certainly a culture shock when I spend than less 3 days in New York. One of the things I observed was how careless people were when crossing the streets at the same as oncoming traffic.
    Since the city is build on a system of underground gas pipes, there’s a pungent odour that permeates and hit’s in the back of the throat. The eatouts are more or less the same choice, crappy greasy pizza parlours almost on every avenue.
    I was even approached by some would-be rapper trying to force his records in my face; (about getting rich & screwing hoes). I told him “Epic Rap Battles; Opposites is better than brand of Low grade shit your peddling, so eat a bag of Gonorrhoea coated dicks.” And warned if he tried anything stupid I’d give him a crash course in Krav Maga.
    I was there for a 72 hr MilSim airsoft game (ATF vs Neo Nazis) at a 200.000ft long warehouse site in Brookline with my close friend Gwendwr along 300 other players all kitted out in our custom combat fatigues, tactical vests/chest ammo rigs, face masks/goggle protection etc…making adjustments to our own arsenals (I fondly sport an MP5 AEG replica with 3 selective fire options, 38 round SMG and a Sig P226 12 round sidearm as backup. My friend Gwendwr cherishes her branded M16A1 GBBR 48round AR, and a Jericho 9mm handgun 10 double stacked mag. Airsofters can accumulate a lot of air miles.