Coventry University are looking for couples to star in their new pro-condom campaign. They’re offering couples £400 to have sex on camera, but it’s not porn. Other news includes RealDoll’s AI sexbots ambitions as well as killer clown porn.

Coventry University are starting a new projected called “Wrapped”. It aims to help reduce the number of STDs in the UK. They show people that wearing a condom can be sexy. The films will show couples between 18-25 engaging in protected sex.

The NHS in the UK spends around £620 million on treating STDs. The project offers the educational (or is it motivational?) video clips to anyone over 18 who orders a chlamydia test. They also have 12 different condoms available to be ordered for free. To really keep up with the modern crowd, they are also offering a headphone case that has a hidden condom pocket.

‘We are hoping that the work will ultimately reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted infections amongst young people through increasing their use of condoms.’ says project head Dr Katie Newby.

Couples who are interested will be paid £400 for their services and the videos will not be published on porn sites.

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RealDoll are building AI sexbots

Sex robots have been in the spotlight recently. Popular TV shows such as Westworld have resparked an interest in the public for them. It turns out RealDoll, a company that manufactures realistic sex dolls, have been working on an AI sexbot for a while.

The company founder Matt McMullen told Vice “ the core of what we’re doing: integrating artificial intelligence into RealDolls.”

“We’re trying to build on top of the basic personal assistant AI architecture you see elsewhere to create something similar to The Sims, where the AI has a needs system and the experience is game-ified.”

They’re planning on having the new experience cross over 3 platforms. The first is a tablet with the avatar on. The second is the RealDoll with the integrated AI. The third will be a VR system that let’s you fully immerse yourself.

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Clown porn is trending thanks to killer clowns

After a wave of scary clowns have been terrorising parts of the USA and the UK, it seems they’ve made their way to the internet as well. As killer clowns have hit the news, they’ve also hit porn.

Pornhub states “clown porn” searches have increased by 213%. Other searched terms include “clown girl” and “clown gangbang”. Apparently the clown genre has been around for a while now. Only in the past week have the searches for it reached over 100,000.

New searches created from the clown attacks include “Midget clown”, “birthday clown” and even “clown fart”.

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