We did a survey of almost 2000 participants to find out their social media lurking habits. It won’t surprise you that people are looking at your social media photos. What might shock women is to know 2 out of 5 guys they work with may have masturbated to their social media photos.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we now live in an age where our social media profiles can say a lot about us. Lurking on someone’s social media can even be considered a part of the courting ritual for modern couples. That’s why many of us try to present ourselves at our best and most attractive in our online photos.

But besides potential crushes, who else looks at our social media photos? It turns out, more than 50% of your work colleagues will be checking out your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. And they might be doing a lot more than just looking.

UK women most likely to Facebook stalk

In our survey, we found out that over half of your work colleagues are looking through your social media profiles. 67% of all participants confessed to checking out their hot colleague’s social media photos.

When it comes to Facebook stalking, UK women lead the way, with 67% admitting they look at their hot colleague’s photos. Only 38% of American women admitted to doing the same.

UK and USA men, on the other hand, are much more similar, each reporting 58% and 61% yes answers retrospectively

Considering these numbers, it’s no wonder people put so much effort into their Instagram photos. They have every reason to be, and maybe we should put more effort into our next posts too.

39% of people masturbate to their colleagues’ photos

So what are our colleagues checking out? Is it the cute photos of our pets? The beautiful sunset we took on our last vacation? Or that really sexy selfie we took on the beach?

Turns out, there’s something your work colleagues are much more interested in that your #FoodPorn photos. Although porn isn’t far off, as 2 out of 5 guys at work admit to having masturbated to social media photos of their hot colleagues.

But it’s not only men who are getting off to those sizzling Instagram selfies. In fact, 42% of women also confess to masturbating to social media photos of their work colleagues.

Women probably already figured it out though, with 51% of women saying they thought work guys have masturbated to them. Only 21% of guys thought maybe their female co-workers would masturbate to their photos.

Don’t worry

It will probably come as a shock to you that there could be so many people masturbating to your social media photos. Especially if they’re your work colleagues.

Maybe it’s because it’s taboo to fantasise about someone at work. Mixing work and pleasure can be considered very naughty.

There’s nothing with fantasising about someone of course! The term online-stalking sounds creepy, but as long as you keep it harmless and healthy, you’re not breaking any laws by looking at public social media profiles.