Sex robots have been in the news a heck of a lot over the past few years, with stories out there about memorable experiences that both men and women have had with the things. And, although it might seem a bit strange to some of us to have sex with something that isn’t a living, breathing being, it turns out that sex with a robot isn’t as unusual as we might think.

For all you out there who are unfamiliar with the sex robots craze, it’s time to educate yourselves a bit more, because a new study has shown that a good amount of people are open to getting down and dirty with the things. That’s according to, who polled 2,000 people to gather their thoughts on the silicon “humans,” hoping to see just how far real-life humans would go with sex robots.

Their findings are surprising, with four in 10 participants admitting that they’d have sex with a droid, and one in four saying that they’d do it at least one time. This goes to show that the curiosity of humans is, possibly, at an all-time high in regards to sex robots.

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With a number of sex robots continuing to become available over the next year, and beyond, with features such as self-lubricating vaginas and touch sensors, who knows if the aforementioned study will only lead more people to become interested in sex with a robot? Sex tech continues to become less taboo, but it’s still a bit surprising that 16 percent of Americans said that they’d have sex with a robot should one be available.

The study also wondered what a person’s ideal sex robot would look like, with 41 percent saying that a droid who would be capable of talking and creating memories to be the most desired. And people would be open to shelling out some serious money in order to get one, with respondents saying they would pay as much as $1,666 for one, with men willing to spend about $560 more than women for one.

Sex robots might not be for everyone, but they’re definitely leading to curiosity among real-life humans. What that means for the future is anyone’s guess, but it’s interesting to see how people are finding new and improved ways to pleasure themselves.

(H/T The Sun)