“May the fourth be with you,” has become a phrase synonymous with Star Wars fans everywhere. And, since today happens to be May the fourth, we figured that deep-diving into some of the Star Wars porn parodies that have been created would be the best thing to help get you through the geeky day.

We searched the internet to get some of the cold hard facts about some of the Star Wars porn parodies that you should know about. So sit back and enjoy this quick oral history of one of the best sci-fi flicks ever created — and its skintastic counterparts.

A special shout-out to lwlies.com for the info.

Star Babe (1977)

According the aforementioned, lwlies.com, the porn flick Star Babe is set in 2080, with three sparkle-covered Star Babes being sent to Planet Phallus in the hopes of recovering secret plans of an alien takeover of planet earth. And, while Star Babe may not be Star Wars, the porn parody does feature a Darth Vader costume, a stormtrooper mask and a cantina scene, so there’s the small hint — as if it weren’t already obvious. The film wasn’t very long, with lwlies.com describing it more as a “great document more than a great film.”

Sex Wars (1985)

Arguably, one of the more famous Star Wars sex parodies ever created, the movie Sex Wars has a little fun with its title before having lots of fun in the bedroom. Made a few years after the release of Return of the Jedi, Sex Wars took advantage of the franchise’s popularity among adolescents who became teenagers, giving them a plot that was easy to identify with. Per lwlies.com, the film doesn’t shy away from the sexual attraction between Luke and Princess Leia, instead embracing it — which makes for a great porno.

Space Nuts (2003)

A more lighthearted Star Wars porn parody, Space Nuts might be more of a sex-filled Spaceballs more than that of one that relates to Star Wars — with its jokes and knock-off characters. With a run time of about three hours, Space Nuts doesn’t leave viewers disappointed, with nonstop romping and hardcore action. However, lwlies.com seems to disagree with the assessment, saying that this is “Hardly great cinema, this one is fun, though way too bogged down with lifeless and uninspired grinding.”

Star Wars XXX (2012)

Given the fact that this was filmed/released just six years ago, the production value is better than any of its predecessors. Using the direct title, Star Wars XXX, there’s no hidden agenda about what this film is about — hardcore action. The plot is simple and not as sophomoric as the other three mentioned above, keeping the character’s sex-crazed dreams simple and to the point, while tossing in a few funny moments at the same time. Given the production and plot, Star Wars XXX might be the best Star Wars porn parody ever.

(H/T lwlies)