Dating isn’t easy, we all know that. But, let’s be honest, it should be fun. Problem is, we’re creatures of habit and our own experiences, so it’s easy to fall into certain traps and build perceptions about girls based off of who you’ve previously dated. Well, that’s a bad habit, guys.

Whether you’re super experienced with dating girls, just getting your feet wet or are so bitter about them all being the same, there’s a good chance you can look at a girl from the outside and already judge her. We should know better by now, understanding that judging a book by its cover is a big no-no.

Since we’re all guilty of doing such things, here are some of the most common mistakes and misconceptions guys make about all girls. Some may be true, but not for every girl — so get out there and get to dating so you can choose the girl’s who’s right for you.

They’re just being flirty

The beauty about girls is that they’re all so different. But, don’t be fooled, fellas, because, while one girl may come across as super flirty and more than capable of holding her own with the boys, that doesn’t mean she won’t get attached over time. Girls are nurturers by nature, and, as much as she likes cussing, talking about and having sex, and calling herself a gamer, she’s probably more into you than you think — so don’t assume she’s just trying to be a friend.

They’re really interested in you

On the contrary, not every single girl will be into you — even if she seems to be. As stated above, some girls may be more outgoing and flirty, but have zero intention of being more than a friend. It always sucks when a guy meets a girl who meets all the criteria of something more than a friend and it just doesn’t work out because she’s disinterested in that type of relationship. The good news, though, there are plenty of other girls out there who will want what you do; it’s just all about timing.

They’re shallow

Sure, there are certainly some shallow girls out there who only care about material things and looks, but, let’s be honest, those aren’t the types of girls any guy really wants to be with. They may look great on the outside and even be fun to hangout with, but, deep down, there are usually some insecurity issues. That said, just because a girl happens to be pretty and successful doesn’t mean she’s shallow like your mind (and, unfortunately, media) has made her out to be. Trust us, there are some real sweethearts out there who are absolute stunners, you just need to be yourself and look for them.

They crave attention

In a day and age when everyone seems to be using social media to communicate through pics and videos on Snapchat and Instagram, among others, guys seem to think that all girls are into that kind of stuff. Wrong. So. Entirely. Wrong. There are some girls who want constant attention and validation from an online audience, but, in reality, not every single girl turns her phone around to take a bunch of selfies. Oh, and all that constant texting you think she likes? Chances are she’s just as annoyed as you are about replying every couple of minutes, so don’t think assume she’s actually enjoying all the long conversations on your phone.