White lies in relationships are about as common as waking up on a Monday morning groggy from the weekend’s activities. But, unlike the feeling of a new work week starting, white lies aren’t necessarily a bad thing, as many of us tell them to our partner to lift them up and make them feel better about themselves.

That said, when it’s something small or something that doesn’t have bearing on a relationship — like how a girl looks in a certain dress for a date night — there’s really no harm in hindering the truth or your opinion a little bit. It doesn’t become a problem till you really start lying about things, or holding back how you really feel for fear that you may piss off your girlfriend.

That’s why we’re focusing on a few things that all guys really wish he could tell his girlfriend or the girl he likes, but never will. Whether that’s to avoid argument, to maintain his masculinity or for some other reason, these are six topics that will, most likely, never be uttered from a guy’s mouth.

The sex could be more adventurous

It’s true that every single guy wishes sex with his girlfriend was a bit more wild. C’mon, don’t even deny it, either, because there’s a reason why you’re porn searches include hardcore stuff that involves being whipped, spanked and squirted on. Problem is, it’s not easy to communicate to a girl how you wish the sex could be more adventurous, mainly because her reaction will almost instantly turn negative, assuming you mean it’s not good. That’s not what you mean, but, hey, it’s just how she’ll spin it in her head, so it’s best to avoid saying this.

I love surprises

Yes, girls, it’s true that guys like to (and want to) be surprised every once in awhile. We’re not looking for something big, but it’s always appreciated when we get surprised with tickets to a ballgame or something as simple as coming home from work with a frozen pizza and wine because, hell, you just want a night in with your man. These types of surprises feel good and build a connection between the two of us, so please don’t think we’re opposed to them; no matter how hard we try to convince you otherwise.

I’m actually pretty sensitive

In a world where more and more men are tackling mental health issues by speaking up about their problems, guys still don’t tell girls that they’re sensitive, fearing that the old stigma of “being soft” will turn her off. That’s a myth, fellas, and one that needs to exit your psychology if you want to be happy with yourself and make someone else happy. Part of being in a healthy relationship is opening up and showing some emotion, so don’t feel like you need to pump out your chest or avoid crying in front of your girl.

I really hate hanging out with your friends

When it comes to white lies, this one might be top of the list, because nearly every single guy would choose to stay in alone over going out with his girlfriend’s friends — but don’t you dare tell her that. As much as she may dislike your buddies who talk about other girls and sports and sex, you can’t stand the way her friends seem to revert back to teenage girls, taking out their phones and posting nonstop on social media. There’s a reason why you decided to date her, because she’s different than girls like her friends, but don’t make the mistake of mentioning that to her without getting some serious backlash.

You’re acting like my ex

At some point in any relationship, both guys and girls will show traits of an ex, that’s just human nature. There will be jealousy, maybe some bad communication and/or something else that will trigger bad memories about what once was. Rather than react in a negative way and call her out in an aggressive way, learn from what happened in the past and remove yourself from the situation if you have to. Remember, your current girl is not your ex-girl, and, even if she’s acting like it once in awhile, you have no right to call her out just for the point of hurting her.

I’m not great at being vulnerable

Similar to being sensitive, many guys may want to open up and make themselves vulnerable, but, no matter how hard she might try to get you to speak out about things that bother you or a painful past, you just won’t budge. Rather than outright tell her this, you may deflect questions she has or simply say something like, “I’m fine, don’t worry about it.” It’s hard to address your insecurities and/or negative traits, but remember that she wants to know you better than anyone, and is genuinely interested in what’s on your mind.